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    • Bah Gawd It's Mike Evans! (Ep. 110) September 20, 2022
      Zach and Jake talk about Brett Favre being the worst, do a "Historical Hysterical" about NFL weather games, then do their rundown of NFL Week 2. Sponsor: EveryPlate - Website:
    • No Way Koo (Ep. 109) September 13, 2022
      Zach and Jake discuss the craziness of UFC 279 and NFL Week 1, while they debut a new segment! Sponsor: EveryPlate - Website:
    • YOU Are Older Than Marcus Mariota (Ep. 108) September 5, 2022
      The boys are back! We talk about the storylines you should follow this NFL season, preseason nominees for our awards and Marcus Mariota's age. Sponsor: EveryPlate - Website: