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Fantasy Football ADP Battle: Courtland Sutton vs Chris Godwin

The 2022 NFL season draws nearer, but there are multiple questions left unanswered for fantasy football managers everywhere. In a league with a plethora of wide receivers and even fewer elite quarterbacks, this fantasy football ADP battle will pit two great receivers with two of the few elite quarterbacks against each other, as we decide which fantasy WR is a better value — Courtland Sutton or Chris Godwin.

Value for this fantasy football ADP battle is based on PPR data from Fantasy Football Calculator. Read below to find out if you should draft Courtland Sutton or Chris Godwin in your fantasy football draft this week.

Courtland Sutton vs Chris Godwin Fantasy Football ADP Value Battle

Note: All ADPs and ranks reflect a 12-team, PPR draft format

courtland sutton chris godwin fantasy football adp
Credit: Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Courtland Sutton Fantasy ADP: 4.09

ADP Position Rank: 18th
Overall Rank: 47th

Courtland Sutton finds himself upgraded with a better quarterback, not sorry to any Drew Lock fans out there, and a new offensive system that will hopefully maximize his stats. Sutton is also in his second year of a four-year $60.8M extension with the Broncos. We expect management to want returns on that investment, the coaches to maximize his skill set, and Russell Wilson to sling the ball to him.

He is a bit of an odd candidate, as he only has one season over 1,000 yards, which came in 2019. Bouncing back from injury in 2021, he was slumped for yardage between Noah Fant, Tim Patrick and first-round pick Jerry Jeudy. Additionally, that was with Teddy Bridgewater and Drew Lock under center for the Broncos. They now have Wilson in command and he should not disappoint. Fant is with the Seahawks and Patrick will miss the entire year with a torn ACL.

The longer seasons now provide a higher chance of injury/rest for star receivers, like Jerry Jeudy. This makes Sutton a prime suspect to thrive on this team. His current fantasy football ADP position rank is spectacular to get franchise players in rounds prior before picking him up in the fourth round.

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Chris Godwin Fantasy ADP: 5.07

ADP Position Rank: 22nd
Overall Rank: 57th

The Tampa Buccaneers seemingly face little competition outside of the Los Angeles Rams and Green Bay Packers for their Super Bowl aspirations. However, for Chris Godwin, his championship dreams may once again be fulfilled, but the Chris Godwin fantasy football ADP has dipped for two consecutive years. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself here.

In 2020, he was considered the sixth-best WR and his ADP sat in the second round. Then, in 2021, he dropped down to the 19th spot for his position. Now, he has fallen back another round, as the Buccaneers have solidified their offense even further.

Tom Brady may be getting older, and who knows, if this year is really his last, then it might take a noticeable hit on his output. In addition, the Julio Jones acquisition only stacks an already superb offense. They have some question marks about offensive line replacements, but should those be addressed and Brady is not under duress, then this unit should light up opposing defenses.

Still, there are other mouths to feed in this system and managers everywhere have been keen to notice this changing team.

Should I Draft Courtland Sutton or Chris Godwin for Fantasy Football?

Barring any major injury, Courtland Sutton lands at a more desirable ADP, therefore winning this fantasy football ADP battle, and for good reason too. The addition of Russell Wilson, a new offensive system and the loss of other key playmakers on the offense only bolster his fantasy value. However, Chris Godwin must answer where he lands on the feeding order in the primed offensive campaign of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Additionally, the longer season now lends itself to an increased risk of injury or rest for star players. Because of this, Jerry Jeudy might miss a few games and Sutton may reap the benefit. Even still, in Godwin’s case, we still don’t know his pecking order should any other contributor miss playing time for Tampa.

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