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Fantasy Football ADP Battle: Lamar Jackson vs Joe Burrow

The start of the 2022 NFL season is almost here. While that means football, of course, in a more real sense, that means fantasy football is back. Fantasy football continues to grow, with new children and adults joining leagues every year. The allure behind fantasy lies somewhere in the realm of managing your own team and knowing that every game during the week matters. Fantasy football managers will be tasked with making tough decisions, such as drafting Lamar Jackson or Joe Burrow in your fantasy football draft.

The following fantasy football ADP battle pits two of the best young quarterbacks in the league against each other. Read on to see whether Lamar Jackson or Joe Burrow is the preferred target when guys like Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert are off of the draft board.

Lamar Jackson vs Joe Burrow Fantasy Football ADP Value Battle

Note: All ADPs and ranks reflect a 12-team, PPR draft format

lamar jackson joe burrow fantasy football adp
Credit: Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

Lamar Jackson Fantasy ADP: 5.04

Last season was obviously a disappointment for the Baltimore Ravens. After starting 8-3, the Ravens lost Lamar Jackson and did not win another game all year. The Ravens also dealt with 20+ injuries, including many of their running backs. That should not be the case to start the year, as the Ravens are relatively healthy. With no disrespect to Tyler Huntley, I am sure that Ravens fans could not be happier to see that Jackson is back.

The exciting thing about Jackson though is that he has allegedly put on 12-15 lbs of muscle in the offseason. With a primary concern of Jackson’s being the injury risk, to see him put on this muscle should settle fantasy football players down a little bit. Even though his MVP season is behind him, the Lamar Jackson fantasy football finishes have still seen QB11 and QB8 in fantasy points per game in the last two seasons. In terms of passing yards per game, Jackson has continued to increase that stat, as he threw for approximately 240 yards per game. While that doesn’t sound incredible, factoring in his rushing ability, you can easily see why Jackson is a top fantasy option at quarterback.

Finally, around Jackson is JK Dobbins, who should be fully healthy and ready to go. With Dobbins in the mix, it seems likely that Jackson’s rushing stats diminish, but his rushing efficiency should increase. Jackson also has the liberty of throwing to big-bodied pass catchers, Mark Andrews and Rashod Bateman. While Jackson’s throwing has been a point of some concern, two pass catchers like that should help to make up for it.

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Joe Burrow Fantasy ADP: 4.11

Joe Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals put the world on notice in 2021, as they ran all the way to the Super Bowl. Many people pointed to the Ja’Marr Chase selection in the draft as questionable, due to offensive line issues. They found success despite the issues up front, as Chase and Burrow connected for 1,455 yards and 13 touchdowns. Unlike Jackson, Burrow survived the 2021 season without being injured. That worked well for Joe Burrow fantasy owners who rode the hype train into the fantasy playoffs.

In 2021, the Joe Burrow fantasy football finish was QB8, scoring just above 20.5 points per game. With another offseason in Zac Taylor’s system and the core of skill players back together, not only Burrow but the team as a whole can expect fantasy success. Last season, the Bengals increased their scoring from the prior two years, as they finished seventh, while they were 29th and 30th in the two years prior. It has become obvious that Burrow has turned into a cultural icon in Ohio and his play has immediately turned the Bengals from losers to division title contenders.

While Joe Burrow is probably a top-six quarterback in the NFL, what makes him infatuating in fantasy football is the players around him. First, they have a somewhat revamped offensive line. Next, they may have the best receiving corps in the league. With playmakers on the outside like Chase and Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd working out of the slot, it is almost guaranteed that someone will be open. Finally, teams playing the Bengals have to respect their run game because of how good Joe Mixon is.

Should I Draft Lamar Jackson or Joe Burrow for Fantasy Football?

Obviously, the biggest concern with both of these AFC North quarterbacks is the injury history/risk. The obvious difference between the two though is their style of playing the game. It is no secret that Lamar Jackson wants to run the ball. It is also no secret that Joe Burrow wants to throw the ball. In fact, Burrow finished behind Mac Jones in rushing last year, who has a reputation of almost never running.

What sways me on this battle is Jackson going lower than Burrow and that Jackson has seemingly buffed up to help combat injuries this season. With Burrow going six spots ahead of Jackson in 12-team PPR leagues, I think that there is more value in Jackson. If we look at the players going between them, we see guys like Jaylen Waddle, Michael Thomas and Darren Waller. While these players aren’t exciting by any means, they are all players that have to be involved in their respective offenses. If you are on the turn of Rounds 4-5 and you pass on Burrow for Waddle and come back and take Jackson, what are you happier with — Jackson and Waddle or Burrow and Allen Robinson, whose ADP is 5.05? I’m leaning towards Jackson and Waddle.

Also, how does Burrow’s passing compare to Jackson’s running? Obviously, Burrow will win the battle 10/10 times, but that is solely due to opportunity. If Jackson throws for close to 75% of what Burrow does, his rushing stats will dominate Burrow’s and should probably make up for that void in passing numbers. I think running alone gives Jackson the edge here with the value, but this might be our closest ADP battle yet.

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