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Zoe Finally Receives Nerf in Upcoming League of Legends Patch

We’re well over a month into the new season, and finally Riot Games is hitting us with their first big patch of the season. After countless of player outcries, they are listening to the community and giving Zoe the nerf she needs.



The most notable change happening this patch goes to Zoe. Her damage is taking a huge hit. Her Paddlestar ability has been scaled down in terms of ability power, and her Spell Thief ability does not allow her to pick up Teleport from minions anymore. Lastly, Zoe’s Sleepy Trouble Bubble does not reset its cooldown if an enemy falls asleep.

Top lane champions are also getting some work put in this patch. Darius will be receiving a buff, while both Gangplank and Ornn are getting nerfed.

Volibear is also getting some love this patch after a long time. His Q, W, and E ability will all be buffed.

Other notable champions affected by this patch are Fiddlesticks, Rengar, Kalista, Kog’Maw, Swain, and Twitch.



Mage items will be getting tinkered with this patch. Because mages don’t have much item options throughout the game, new mage items will be created while old items get a touch-up.

The three new mage items to be released in the next patch are Oblivion Orb, Spellbinder, and Twin Shadows.


Upcoming Skins

Swain will be receiving a new skin after his recent rework, while Jarvan IV is getting in on the Dark Star skin line.

Don’t forget to purchase these amazing skins once the patch goes live!


You can read the full patch notes here.

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