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The International 2018 Battle Pass Has Been Released!

After a long wait, The International 2018 battle pass was finally released by Valve. The battle pass is an in-game item that gives a substantial amount of rewards to the buyer. It is also the way for players to participate in contributing to the prize pool of The International. Every purchase of a battle pass item, whether the pass itself or the level, will make Valve allocate 25% of the amount purchased to the prize pool. Since the making of this article, over $2.2 million has been raised by the purchases. Last year, the prize pool of The International exceeded $24 million with over $23 million being raised by the battle pass system. With how fast the prize pool accelerates this year, it will be no surprise if this year’s prize pool will overtake its predecessor.


A Reward For the Worthy

Each time you progressed through the level, there are all sorts of gifts for you. The forefront of it is “The Immortal Treasure” series, which will be gifted for every predetermined level. The Immortal Treasure is an item that will give you a chance to obtain a cosmetic for certain heroes that give a special effect to certain skill. Currently, there are only one series of The Immortal Treasure, but there will be more to come over the course of time. The other noticeable reward is the addition of spray. Spray is a common feature in all of Valve’s games, but strangely hasn’t been implemented on Dota 2 until now. A spray will be rewarded to the player for every set level of battle pass.


A Price Worthy of It’s Reward

For the right price, anything. – Bounty Hunter

The International 2018 battle pass gifts its buyer a reward based on their level of battle pass. There are two types of starting battle passes that you can purchase. A level one battle pass is priced at $9.99, and a level 75 battle pass priced at $36.99. You can also buy some levels for the battle pass if you desired so. There are three types of purchasable levels. A five level upgrade is $2.49, an 11 level upgrade is $4.99, and a 24 level upgrade goes for $9.99.

For full explanation of the Battle Pass System you can check the official Dota 2 website

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