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Singapore Sail Grand Prix 2023: Preview, Schedule, Live Online, TV Channels

Singapore Sail Grand Prix

With the continued global expansion, Sail Grand Prix is set to kick off its season 3 in Singapore, starting today. The iconic city-state of Singapore is going to host Asia’s first-ever Sail Grand Prix. Supported by the Singapore Tourism Board, it’s the eighth leg of the seven-stop global championship, after previous legs in San Francisco, Saint-Tropez, and Sydney.

Viewing GP

  • Date: January 14 to January 15
  • Time: 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm on both days
  • Where: Parkland Green, East Coast Park
  • TV: BT Sport
  • Streams: OolaTV (anywhere)

As part of SailGP’s mission of promoting a “Better Sports Strategy,” female athletes will also participate in the Singapore Grand Prix as part of the league’s Women’s Pathway Program. Moreover, students from local schools will also be introduced as part of SailGP’s outreach youth program.

How To Watch 2023 Singapore Sail Grand Prix Live Online?

The racing event will occur at the adrenaline-fuelled Race Village in Parkland Green, East Coast Park. While Sail fans in the USA have to be contented with CBS, which has been home to Singapore Sail Grand Prix 2023 for the last decade or so. Once you get hold of their subscription, you will be able to watch the game on your mobile phones as well as TV screens. All the cord-cutters using digital streaming services will have to tune into OolaTV to catch all the live action.

2023 Singapore Sail Grand Prix Schedule:

Fast & Furious action will occur for two days within meters of the beach from January 14 to January 15, 2023, from 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm on both days. On day 1, 3 fleet races will be held, and on day 2, the last two fleet races and the Grand final will take place.

2023 Singapore Sail Grand Prix Team Base Tours:

With this package, fans can enjoy behind-the-scenes at the SailGP Team Bases. Fans can enjoy the exclusive tour of the ‘pit lane garages’ where athletes and shore teams prepare race boats. Moreover, this package also provides an exclusive 45-minute guided tour of SailGP Team Bases and a rare opportunity to see the SailGP athletes.

2023 Singapore Sail Grand Prix Bring Your Boat:

You can also catch all the action live from your boat with this package. You’ll have to purchase a SailGP flag to get the closest view. This package includes exclusive access to both days of racing, preferred positioning in the front row, live race commentary over VHF and that souvenir flag on your boat will be delivered to your home address.

It is worth mentioning that this package is only applicable for SZ-registered or foreign-flagged vessels, and note that if you don’t buy a flag, your boat will be held at least 200m behind the flag-bearing boats.

2023 Singapore Sail Grand Prix Teams:

In this highly anticipated event, the league’s nine international teams (Australia, Canada, Denmark, France, Great Britain, New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland, United States) are participating with their high-tech, high-speed, and razor-sharp hydrofoil F50 catamarans at highway speed over 100km/h.

All teams will be competing for points in six fleet races and one final top-three shootout in the ongoing quest to be declared as the overall season winner.

Following are the Season 3 championship standings of the teams mentioned above after seven events:

1. Australia (60 points)
2. New Zealand (51 points)
3. France (50 points)
4. Great Britain (48 points)
5. Denmark (42 points)
6. Canada (40 points)
7. United States (39 points)
8. Spain (22 points)
9. Switzerland (16 points)

2023 Singapore Sail Grand Prix Crew & Lineups:

Following is the list of crew and substation lineups for each team:

Australia SailGP Team:

  • Driver: Tom Slingsby
  • Wing Trimmer: Kyle Langford
  • Flight Controller: Jason Waterhouse
  • Grinder: Kinley Fowler
  • Grinder: Sam Newton
  • Reserve: Ed Powys
  • Strategist: Tash Bryant
  • Strategist: Lucy Copeland (reserve strategist for all teams)
  • Coach: Ben Durham

Canada SailGP Team:

  • Driver: Phil Robertson
  • Wing Trimmer: Chris Draper
  • Flight Controller: Billy Gooderham
  • Grinder: Tom Ramshaw
  • Grinder: Jareese Finch
  • Reserve Grinder: Tim Hornsby
  • Strategist: Isabella Bertold
  • Coach: Joe Glanfield

Denmark SailGP Team:

  • Driver: Nicolai Sehested
  • Wing Trimmer: Tom Johnson
  • Flight Controller: Rasmus Køstner
  • Grinder: Julius Hallström
  • Grinder: Hans-Christian Rosendahl
  • Grinder: Martin Kirketerp
  • Strategist: Katja Salskov-Iversen
  • Coach: Chris Nicholson

France SailGP Team:

  • Driver: Quentin Delapierre
  • Wing Trimmer: Kevin Peponnet
  • Flight Controller: Francois Morvan
  • Grinder: Matthieu Vandame
  • Grinder: Timothe Lapauw
  • Grinder: Olivier Herledant
  • Strategist: Manon Audient
  • Coach: Thierry Douillard

Great Britain SailGP Team:

  • Driver: Ben Ainslie
  • Wing Trimmer: Iain Jensen
  • Flight Controller: Luke Parkinson
  • Grinder: Matt Gotrel
  • Grinder: Nick Hutton
  • Strategist: Hannah Diamond
  • Strategist: Hannah Mills
  • Coach: Rob Wilson

New Zealand SailGP Team:

  • Driver: Peter Burling
  • Wing Trimmer: Blair Tuke
  • Flight Controller: Andy Maloney
  • Grinder: Josh Junior
  • Grinder: Marcus Hansen
  • Grinder: Louis Sinclair
  • Strategist: Liv Mackay
  • Coach: Ray Davies

Spain SailGP Team:

  • Driver: Jordi Xammar
  • Wing Trimmer: Florian Trittel
  • Flight Controller: Diego Botin
  • Grinder: Joan Cardona
  • Grinder: Jake Lilley
  • Grinder: Joel Rodríguez
  • Strategist: Nicole van der Velden
  • Coach: Juan de la Fuente

Switzerland SailGP Team:

  • Driver: Sébastien Schneiter
  • Wing Trimmer: Stuart Bithell
  • Flight Controller: Jason Saunders
  • Grinder: Julien Rolaz
  • Grinder: Jérémy Bachelin
  • Strategist: Laurane Mettraux
  • Strategist Reserve: Nathan Outteridge
  • Coach: Jacopo Plazzi

United States SailGP Team:

  • Driver: Jimmy Spithill
  • Wing Trimmer: Paul Campbell-James
  • Flight Controller: Rome Kirby
  • Grinder: Peter Kinney
  • Grinder: Alex Sinclair
  • Grinder/ Tactician: Cooper Dressler
  • Strategist: CJ Perez

Singapore Sail Grand Prix 2023 Tickets:

The event offers its spectators experiences both on & off the water. If you want to catch the live action of the Grand Prix, you can buy tickets from the official website of SailGP (

Grand Prix offers different packages such as Waterfront access ($48), Tech Base Tour ($38), The SailGP Beach Club ($380), and Bring Your Boat ($388).

Waterfront Access Package: With this package, fans can watch the action on the water or through Live broadcasts on the big screens within the general spectator area. You’ll also have access to a Race Village teeming, where you can witness activity stations and enjoy the official Sail GP merchandise booths and food and beverage outlets.

The SailGP Beach Club Package: Fans can witness the thrills and drama of SailGP up close with this package. This package includes all-inclusive food and drink (beverages), a live DJ, and dedicated screens.

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