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James Martin

James Martin writes in "how to" section where he publishes guides on watching sports and live events online without cable or satellite.

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    • Key Lime Pie Can Scoot! (Ep. 119) November 22, 2022
      Zach and Jake take the most popular pies and make a starting offense! After, they talk a bit of football, TV shows and more. Sponsor: Twitter: Website:
    • Raton Perez (Ep. 118) November 15, 2022
      Zach and Jake enter someone into the Burying the Lead Hall of Fame, let you know which NFL teams are DEAD, then predict the World Cup. Sponsor: Twitter: Website:
    • Jeff Saturday is Mick Foley (Ep. 117) November 8, 2022
      Zach and Jake discuss Jeff Saturday being named the new Colts head coach, talk World Series, College Football Playoff, and rank the best NFL jerseys. Sponsor: Twitter: Website: