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Women’s Curling Championship 2023 Live Online: Preview, Schedule and Teams Rosters

Women's Curling

One of the anticipated events in the sporting calendar, the ‘2023 Women’s World’s Curling Championship’ is all set to kick-off off tomorrow, Saturday, March 18, to Sunday, March 26, at  Goransson Arena, Sandviken, Sweden.

Tournament TV Channel

  • Venue: Goransson Arena, Sandviken, Sweden
  • Date: Saturday, March 18, 2023 – Sunday, March 26, 2023
  • Streams: Curling.TV (anywhere)

Several familiar names are going to participate in the 2023 World Women’s Curling Championship, including 2022 Pan Continental champions and Olympic silver medalists Team Fujisawa (Japan), and 2022 European champions Team Denmark (Dupont). Moreover, this year’s championship is also featuring some upcoming rinks looking to make a name for themselves on the biggest stage.

Einarson’s team is all set for its first overseas trip as Team Canada to represent their country at the 2023 World Women’s Curling Championship, after two previous appearances at home. Team Switzerland is coming to the tournament after winning the last three consecutive editions and will surely be looking for the fourth consecutive gold medal this year.

How To Watch World Women’s Curling Championship 2023 Live Online

The World Women’s Curling Championship 2023 Live Stream will now show on the TSN Channel if you don’t have tsn network you can see this game CurlingTV streams anywhere (No VPN Reequipment) The 2023 Women’s World Curling Championship will be streamed live on the following streaming services and TV channels:

Women’s Curling Preview:

Team Scotland will be leading 2022 European Bronze medalist Hanna Morrison. Unfortunately, Team Scotland had to withdraw from the event after their members tested positive for Covid-19. That said, they’ll be looking to mark their presence in the strongest way possible in their first true showing in the championship.

Stefania Constanini is leading the time for the fourth time. She won the gold medal in the mixed doubles at Winter Olympics last year. They have another Olympic gold medalist in the form of Anna Hasselborg and would be looking to win their first-ever curling championship medal.

2023 Women’s Curling Format:

The Championship Matches will be played in the round-robin format, with the first six teams advancing to the playoffs. First and second-ranked teams will directly go to the semi-finals, while the remaining four will face each other in the qualification games for the semi-finals spot, where the third-ranked team will face the sixth and the fourth-ranked will compete against the fifth-ranked.

2023 World WoMen’s Curling Championship TV Schedule:

The complete schedule of the 2023 Woman World’s Curling Championship is mentioned below:

Saturday, March 18:

  • Session 2 – 19:00 CET: Canada vs Sweden

Sunday, March 19:

  • Session 3 – 9:00 CET: United States vs Canada
  • Session 5 – 19:00 CET: Canada vs Norway

Monday, March 20:

  • Session 6 – 9:00 CET: Canada vs Italy
  • Session 8 – 19:00 CET: Scotland vs Canada

Tuesday, March 21:

  • Session 10 – 14:00 CET: Canada vs Switzerland
  • Session 11 – 19:00 CET: New Zealand vs Canada

Wednesday, March 22:

  • Session 13 – 14:00 CET: Canada vs Germany
  • Session 14 – 19:00 CET: Korea vs Canada

Thursday, March 23:

  • Session 16 – 14:00 CET: Canada vs Japan

Friday, March 24:

  • Session 18 – 9:00 CET: Türkiye vs Canada
  • Session 19 – 14:00 CET: Denmark vs Canada

Saturday, March 25:

  • Qualification Games – 10:00
  • Semi-finals – 16:00

Sunday, March 26:

  • Bronze Medal Game – 10:00
  • Gold Medal Game – 15:00

2023 World Women’s Curling Championship Team Rosters:

Thirteen teams (Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, Switzerland, Türkiye, United States) are going to participate in the 2023 Women World’s Curling Championship: Below are the rosters of participating teams in the 2023 Women’s World’s Curling Championship:


4: Kerri Einarson (Skip)

3: Val Sweeting (Vice-Skip)

2: Shannon Birchard

1: Briane Harris

A: Krysten Karwacki


4: Madeleine Dupont (Skip)

3: Mathilde Halse (Vice-Skip)

2: Denise Dupont

1: My Larsen

A: Jasmin Lander


4: Daniela Jentsch (Skip)

3: Emira Abbes (Vice-Skip)

2: Lena Kapp

1: Analena Jentsch

A: Pia-Lisa Schoell


4: Stefania Constantini (Skip)

3: Marta Lo Deserto (Vice-Skip)

2: Angela Romei

1: Giulia Zardini Lacedelli

A: Camilla Gilberti


4: Fujisawa Satsuki (Skip)

3: Yoshida Chinami (Vice-Skip)

2: Suzuki Yumi

1: Yoshida Yurika

A: Ishizaki Kotomi

South Korea:

4: HA Seungyoun (Skip)

3: Kim Hyerin (Vice-Skip)

2: Yang Taei

1: Kim Sujin

New Zealand:

4: Jessica Smith (Skip)

3: Holly Thompson (Vice-Skip)

2: Bridget Becker

1: Natalie Thurlow

A: Ruby Kinney


4: Kristin Skaslein (Vice-Skip)

3: Marianne Roervik (Skip)

2: Mille Haslev Nordbye

1: Martine Roenning

A: Maia Ramsfjell


4: Rebecca Morrison (Skip)

3: Gina Aitken (Vice-Skip)

2: Sophie Sinclair

1: Sophie Jackson

A: Jennifer Dodds


4: Anna Hasselborg (Skip)

3: Sara McManus (Vice-Skip)

2: Agnes Knochenhauer

1: Sofia Mabergs

A: Johanna Heldin


4: Alina Paetz (Vice-Skip)

3: Silvana Tirinzoni (Skip)

2: Carole Howald

1: Briar Schwaller-Huerlimann


4: Dilsat Yildiz (Skip)

3: Oznur Polat (Vice-Skip)

2: Ifayet Safak Calikusu

1: Mihriban Polat

A: Berfin Sengul

United States:

4: Tabitha Peterson (Skip)

3: Cory Thiesse (Vice-Skip)

2: Becca Hamilton

1: Tara Peterson

A: Vicky Persinger

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