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Resistance Illaoi Finally Arrives

It has been a long time since it was announced that Illaoi would be getting a new skin. Developers at Riot Games promised the community that they would be working on an Illaoi skin after many players complained she needed one. To make things more community-involved, Riot Games held a poll for choosing the next skin. Players chose from either Battlecast, Adventurer, or Deep Space Illaoi. The winning skin turned out to be Battlecast. From then on, skin developers worked hard to create the community-chosen skin.


Resistance Illaoi is Born!

After four months of waiting, Resistance (renamed from Battlecast) Illaoi is here! Players can now purchase her new skin for 1350 RP. They can also purchase the new Resist Icon for 250 RP. If players are not satisfied with the color on the new skin, there are also chromas available for purchase, at 290 RP each or sold as a bundle.

In addition to the release of Battlecast Illaoi, Battlecast Cho’Gath is also receiving chromas for a price of 290 RP each or sold as a bundle.


Riot Games & the Community

Riot Games is truly thankful for the community giving feedback on creating the new Illaoi skin. Hopefully, in the future, Riot Games asks the community for more ideas on new skins.

To read more about the development of the new Illaoi skin, read about it here.

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