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Past Aaron Rodgers Interview Sheds Insight on Eventful Offseason

To say this has been an eventful offseason for NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers would be an understatement. However, as wild as it has been, we have heard very little from him. In fact, the media’s talking heads have done nearly all of the talking, with ESPN’s Adam Schefter leading the charge.

Schefter came out again this week on a PFF podcast hosted by Cris Collinsworth saying “This isn’t a money issue. It’s much deeper than that. He doesn’t want to be there.” First off, duh, we know it’s not about money. The money narrative has only been said from media personalities, most notably ESPN. Secondly, thank God we have Schefter to tell us how Aaron Rodgers feels. It was probably an “accumulation” of information,” right?

A quote and story made up to generate clicks during this lull in sports.

I’m sick and tired of the large sports “news” organizations making stuff up about this situation. There has been little truths spoken, and when they have, it has been from “annonymous sources.” Yours truly has been one of these sources, but it was only anonymous because ESPN did not want to cite me or my source within the organization. Go figure.

Now, the rest of this article is not breaking news. This is not speaking for Aaron Rodgers. Rather, I found something he said a couple years ago insightful and easily applicable to this situation. I also believe more of Aaron Rodgers’ thoughts and actual words should be used in a story about him.

Aaron Rodgers’ GQ Interview With Justin Vernon

One of my all-time favorite interviews featuring the Green Bay Packers quarterback came in December 2019 from GQ Sports. Two Wisconsin legends and friends, in Rodgers and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, sat down to discuss a wide variety of topics about life, fame and more.

This clip is an early part of the interview. It features Rodgers discussing privacy and his freedom, in relation to his NFL fame.

Private Situation Made Public

We know this dispute between Rodgers and the Packers is essentially solely between him and the front office. Again, Rodgers hasn’t spoken much this offseason, but when he went on SportsCenter with Kenny Mayne, he made it pretty clear that this was a personal issue between him and the front office.

Another thing we know is that the Packers made this feud public. They gave Schefter the information to write a story, and the time of the publication was calculated. Feuds between players and those who sign their checks happen consistently, and they have happened in the past with Rodgers. However, they are usually kept quiet. When they are made public, there is typically an agenda in doing so.

Aaron Rodgers Finding Freedom

Aaron Rodgers spoke about his privacy being infringed upon in the GQ interview above and how it attacks his “structural boundaries.” He is a private person and did not want this entire situation going public. Now that it has, how should he respond and why has he been criticzed for saying … nothing?

Rodgers ends the clip talking about freedom and finding comfort not being locked away. He says he would like to be out and about, but how could he do this today given the current situation? We saw him in Hawaii with his friends and fiancé. He found private freedom. We saw him host Jeopardy!, which had been a dream for him, and go to the Kentucky Derby. Recently, he was golfing in the American Century Championship and The Match. These are all ways he has been able to get out, have fun and relax, but they also had built in privacy from the public and NFL media world, for the most part.

Aaron Rodgers interview green bay packers
Credit: Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

What Now For the Aaron Rodgers Situation?

So, why is Rodgers being criticized for doing things that give him comfort and freedom? He did not make this dispute public; the Packers and sports media world did.

Rodgers has every right to be angry for multiple reasons, with the making public of this dispute high on the list. He could curse out Brian Gutekunst and humiliate the Packers front office, if he wanted to. Instead, all we have seen is Rodgers again attempting to take control of the situation and keep things private.

While those pushing it public would love to paint the MVP in a certain light, try to block out the words being spoken by ESPN, Pro Football Talk and many others. Will Aaron Rodgers join the Green Bay Packers in training camp? Probably. Would he be justified in sitting out? Absolutely.

If the Packers do not committ to him for 2022, why would he put his body on the line, behind an offensive line with possibly two new starters, in a backfield that no longer has the NFL’s most effective pass blocking running back from the past few seasons? The situation could get figured out, but it would need to be behind closed doors. If it continues to be made public, Mr. Rodgers may be looking for a new neighborhood.

If you work for one of these large news organizations, I know you see, read and hear my work and reports. You’ve quoted me word for word. Cite me. Also, quit telling us how Rodgers feels in order to create another week’s worth of content. In a similar way that you take away my voice, you’re making up his.

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