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Packers Attempted Aaron Rodgers Trade for Justin Herbert

Have you heard that there has been a bit of tension between MVP Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers front office? Surprising, I know. This topic has been discussed ad nauseam this summer, with stories being recycled as news and fake stories becoming the most influential among the Packer fan base. Due to this, it’s safe to say the majority of Packer Nation has turned on the reigning MVP, with many calling for an Aaron Rodgers trade so the drama can simply end.

Well, be careful what you wish for, since we have recently found out that the Packers have already tried to send Rodgers out of town, but it was earlier than you may think.

Packers Attempted Aaron Rodgers Trade for Justin Herbert

It appears the Packers trade up to Jordan Love in the 2020 NFL Draft was not the worst deal attempted on draft night. Well, it actually may still be the worst, but there was one attempted prior. Following what had been a letdown season, to his standards, the Packers attempted an Aaron Rodgers trade in exchange for the first-round pick used to select Justin Herbert.

Only after this was denied did the Packers still trade up for a quarterback, but it was for one they knew was not ready to be a Year 1 starter.

Who’s the Source?

Many Packers fans harassed Dave Steger on Twitter for this report, calling it fake and demanding to know the source, then dismissing the source. The source of the information is someone closely connected to the agency Athletes First, which happens to be the agency representing Aaron Rodgers, Justin Herbert and even Jordan Love. In other words, the people involved in the trade.

Packers Fans Need to Get it Together

As someone who is a fan of the Green Bay Packers while also being someone who represents this organization in the sports media world, what I have seen from this fanbase this summer has been pathetic on many levels. Let’s start with this specific report.

Dave Steger reported this news first on Twitter, as shown above. “Fans” were quick to harass him, calling the report fake. Why do you think the report is fake? Is it because you do not recognize his name, because he doesn’t have the blue check next to his name, or because we have seen plenty of fake headlines this summer? Well, here’s my support of his report, and every little detail I have reported since March has been true, so much so that ESPN has been forced to backtrack and make very public annoucements of it.

Also, we know the large media organizations have made up news on Rodgers to move the needle, so it makes sense to question everything you hear. However, don’t punish one person because of the continued repeat offenders. There is real news out there. It just, unfortunately, is tough to find at times.

Sports Media and Packers Controlling the Narrative

Next, the fanbase has turned on Rodgers for many reasons. One big reason is that news continues to come out and dominate headlines, which understandably is annoying. Another reason is because they believe he is doing this for more money. Finally, I’ve seen and heard fans who believe he no longer loves the Packers, Wisconsin, the fans, etc.

Now, point to the words from Aaron Rodgers that would back any of these takes up. Literally all of these negative takes were manufactured by these few large sports news organizations. From the initial Adam Schefter report (which was an agenda pushed by the Packers) or the recent fake scum ProFootballTalk pushed about a retirement, none of this has come from Rodgers. Much of this has actually come from the Packers organization. And we know Rodgers has barely spoken, so where do you think this continued onslaught of headlines has come from? It’s not him.

So, like said in a previous article, please open your eyes to what is going on around you. When a report comes out, ask where the information came from, why they want it out and what agenda is being pushed. It’s tough to trade the reigning MVP and most talented quarterback of all time. However, it gets much easier for fans to swallow if they believe he doesn’t want to play for their historic organization. This isn’t new and it’s not unique to Aaron Rodgers. However, the mission has been completed and most of the fanbase has turned on Rodgers, ready to move on to a quarterback that failed to throw accurate passes in the Mountain West conference.

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