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Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams Both Post an Interesting Message on Instagram

It has been an exhausting offseason to be a Green Bay Packers fan. The offseason may be twice as exhuasting for those paid to cover the dysfunctional organization. Friday was no different, with ProFootballTalk again spreading rumors about Aaron Rodgers. At this point, Rodgers is to PFT what LeBron James is to ESPN. It’s surprising neither owns stock in those respective companies with how often they are spoken about.

Anyways, the rumor on Friday was that Aaron Rodgers would be retiring next week. This was coupled with the report from Sports Illustrated’s Packers reporter Bill Huber saying sportsbooks removed Green Bay’s futures betting odds due to a retirement fear. Of course, this ignores the fact that odds would dramatically change if Rodgers showed up as well, but I digress.

Again, reports about Aaron Rodgers were swirling without anyone hearing from the quarterback himself. Well, that was until there was a late night Instagram post.

aaron rodgers davante adams instagram
Credit: Jeff Hanisch/USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams Both Post to Instagram

The recent Rodgers drama has occurred at the same time contract talks with wide receiver Davante Adams have suddenly stopped (total coincidence, I’m sure). Now, there has been a cryptic update from both Packers stars on their respective Instagram accounts.

I’ve already seen both fans and those with journalism degrees say this means they are both gone. While I have suffered too many concussions in my day, even I can see what is going on here.

The Last Dance

By now, everyone has seen or heard of The Last Dance, which was a documentary that followed the Chicago Bulls’ 1997-98 season. There were situations with a big-headed general manager who wanted the credit for success (sound familiar?), which resulted in Michael Jordan and company knowing it was their last season together, so they wanted to go out on top.

With both Rodgers and Adams posting the famous image at the same time, this gives us the same “last dance” message, with the big-headed GM and all. It also shows us Rodgers and Adams are united, and it essentially confirms the MVP’s situation has impacted the extension talks with Adams.

Assuming this is true and Rodgers is back for one last dance in Titletown, hopefully the end of the season is similar to the Bulls’ so they can go out on top.

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