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NFL Power Rankings: Week 5

NFL Power Rankings: Week 5

We are officially a quarter of the way through the NFL season. Only two teams remain unbeaten and just one has yet to win a game. Rosen and Baker both started week 4, but came up empty in the win column. Gruden and the Raiders got their first win of the season, with a little bit of help from the refs. Brady and the Pats laid the “end of a dynasty” chatter to rest, as they dominated the Dolphins. Le’Veon Bell is rumored to be reporting week 7 and the Vikings defense is allowing 27.5 points per game?! Let’s jump into the week 5 power rankings.

Last Week’s Rankings


Teams 32-11

32.) Buffalo Bills (Last Week: 29) (1-3) 31.) Arizona Cardinals (32) (0-4) 30.)San Francisco 49ers (27) (1-3) 29.) New York Jets (28) (1-3) 28.)  Oakland Raiders (30) (1-3) 27.) Houston Texans (31) (1-3) 26.) New York Giants (23) (1-3) 25.) Detroit Lions (24) (1-3) 24.) Indianapolis Colts (22) (1-3) 23.)  Cleveland Browns (20) (1-2-1) 22.) Seattle Seahawks (25) (2-2)  21.) Dallas Cowboys (26) (2-2) 20.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (17) (2-2) 19.) Los Angeles Chargers (21) (2-2) 18.) Pittsburgh Steelers (14) (1-2-1) 17.)Washington Redskins (19) (2-1) BYE 16.) Miami Dolphins (5) (3-1) 15.) Minnesota Vikings (11) (1-2-1) 14.) Atlanta Falcons (10) (1-3) 13.)Denver Broncos (15) 12.) Chicago Bears (18) (3-1) 11.) Baltimore Ravens (13) (3-1)


Top Ten

10.) Tennessee Titans (16) (3-1)

Since dropping their game week 1 against the Miami Dolphins, the Titans have gone on an impressive three game winning streak. During that span, they have defeated a Wentz-led Eagles team, as well as the Jacksonville Jaguars. Mariota continues to gain feeling in his throwing hand after suffering an elbow injury week 1. Look for the Titans to continue to improve offensively as the season goes on under new offensive coordinator Matt LaFleur.

9.) Philadelphia Eagles (3) (2-2)

It appeared the Eagles were going to walk away victorious against the Titans, as they had a 14-point lead late in the third quarter. The Titans had other plans, forcing the game into overtime. The Eagles had a chance to drive down the field and win the game in regulation, but Wentz was sacked twice on the final drive and lost a fumble. Philly got the ball first, but only got a field goal, allowing the Titans to win the game with a touchdown. The Eagles have an NFC Championship rematch with the Vikings this week.

8.) Carolina Panthers (8) (2-1)

The Panthers got a little help from the Cincinnati Bengals and the Chicago Bears during their bye. Both Atlanta and Tampa lost this week, however the Saints came out with a win against the Giants. The Panthers will be coming off their bye to host the New York Giants.

7.) Cincinnati Bengals (12) (3-1)

The Bengals found themselves in a shootout with the Falcons and came out on top. Tyler Eifert suffered a brutal season-ending ankle injury. The Steelers are a mess this season, but it was reported the Le’Veon is expected to report week 7, which will be a big boost to their offense. Cincy is in the driver’s seat in the division, but the Browns are no slouch this year and the Ravens are playing good football.

6.) Green Bay Packers  (6) (2-1-1)

As expected, the Packers got back into the winning column in week 4. Rodgers is starting to look more mobile and the rookie defensive backs continue to impress. The Bears sit atop the division at the moment. They continue to improve each week and Khalil Mack is a one man wrecking crew. The Packers showed week 1 that no matter how dominant Mack is, they can get the job done. Green Bay heads to Detroit this week.

5.) New Orleans Saints (7) (3-1)

The Saints hold a commanding division lead, as the Falcons defense continues to sputter and Fitz’s magic has run out. The Saints defense has been terrible this year, but Brees and co. continue to put on a clinic. Mark Ingram is back in the building this week coming off of his suspension. Ingram will have fresh legs and I would expect him to have a significant workload, allowing both him and Kamara to be effective through the entirety of the game.  The Redskins come to town this week.

4.) New England Patriots (9) (2-2)

New England showed that they aren’t going anywhere. Miami came to town with a 3-0 record and the Pats handed them a 38-7 whooping. Josh Gordon made his Patriots debut and now Edelman will be back from suspension. Andrew Luck and the Colts come to Foxborough this Thursday.

3.) Jacksonville Jaguars (4) (3-1)

The Jags defense held the Jets under 200 total yards, while they had over 500 on the day. Fournette left the game once again with his lingering hamstring injury. The Jags have shown that they can win games without their fourth overall draft pick. Their top defense gets to take a trip to Arrowhead next week to take on the red hot Chiefs.

2.) Kansas City Chiefs (2) (4-0)

It takes a little bit of luck to be successful in the league. Case Keenum had Demaryius Thomas open for the game-winning touchdown, but overthrew him. Mahomes continued to impress in a “down” game. The Chiefs had 446 total yards and Pat completed a left handed pass?! The Jaguars come to town next week. How will Mahomes fair against a premier defense?

1.) Los Angeles Rams (1) (4-0)

The Rams continued their dominance against what many would have thought to be the best defense in the league coming into the season. The Rams are averaging a whopping 35 points per game. Last season, Goff and Gurley were held scoreless at home, but had a combined 5 touchdowns in Seattle. The Rams will travel to the hostile environment of Century Link this week as they take on the division Rival Seahawks.


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