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Lunar Revel is Back for 2018

Return of the Lunar Revel

Chinese New Year is quickly approaching and Riot Games is once again releasing their Lunar Revel event to celebrate the new year. Lunar Revel has been a popular event in the past and has awarded players with many gifts and good fortune. Last year, Lunar Revel skins were released for Azir, Garen and Vi. This year, Lux, Warwick and Nasus received a Lunar Revel skin.

Lunar Revel Crafting

This year, Lunar Revel also comes with a crafting event, allowing players to craft special items using tokens they receive. To start off, players must win a matchmade game and will receive a “Year of the Dog” icon. After completion of the first mission, there will be more mission lines. Players can then complete missions to obtain Revel Tokens. The Revel Tokens can be used to craft limited-time items, especially the coveted Golden Revel Token.

For those players who cannot wait to obtain Lunar Revel Tokens, Riot Games has also released bundles for players to get their hands on loot faster.

Don’t miss out on your chance to get some lucky loot!

For more information regarding the Lunar Revel event, check it out here.

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