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Legalized Sports Betting – A New Reality

Online gambling and sports betting have been illegal in the majority of US states for a long time as a result of the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). Then, in May of this last year, all of that changed. The Supreme Court ruled PASPA to be unconstitutional and thus for it to be each individual state’s choice to decide whether or not they want to make online sports betting illegal in their state.

With this new rule, each state has been given the chance to decide for themselves and early legislative language shows a lot of states are in favor of the ability to wager on individual sports events. The team over at NJ Games has been diligently researching the new and exciting change in order to better understand how this will affect the world of gambling.

In the infographic, you will find a detailed timeline describing the many events that led up to the final ruling on PASPA. The timeline begins in October of 1992 and goes all the way up until May of 2018.

The piece also includes all sorts of interesting facts and statistics (namely the ones that are significant and useful for those in the industry). The change is projected to create significant long-term effects on many areas such as the economy, employment, and also taxation. Another area that the infographic dissects is the role this will all play in real-time sports data and e-sports.

The question most of us have when learning about this new and exciting change is how legalization will continue to change the industry and the outlook the industry will have a few years from now.

As legal-state markets mature, more and more data will be available for forecasting and analysis. We will all soon see for ourselves this new world of legal online betting and how it changes aspects of gambling regulation. In the meantime, take a look at the infographic below to understand the scope of what’s ahead.


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