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ELEAGUE Major: New Champions Stage

ELEAGUE Major: Boston

The ELeague Major: Boston,  is in the “New Champion” stage of the tournament. This includes the top eight teams from the group stage in a single elimination bracket. The prize you ask? $1 Million. On January 26, you’ll see these teams begin their bracket run. Underdogs, such as QB Fire, a Russian squad, have surprised everyone. They ended up going 3-1 in the Swiss format stage earlier this week. Other teams were expected to do well, such as FaZe Clan. They went 3-1 in the seeding stage of the tournament, and kept their momentum going in the Swiss stage, where they went a perfect 3-0. They secured the #1 seed in the single elimination bracket, just edging out G2 ESports.

The teams moving on into the single elimination stage include: G2 ESports, FaZe Clan, QB Fire, SK Gaming, Na’vi, Fnatic, Cloud9, and Mousesports.

The Upsets

This tournament has generated some extremely exciting matches, as well as some very unlikely upsets. QB Fire faced off against mousesports, who recently defeated FaZe Clan in the grand final of ECS Season 4. Mousesports lead 13-2 after the first half, but a legendary showing on the CT side for QB Fire earned them the win 16-14. Winning that match up gave QB Fire a spot in the playoffs.

Top teams were also eliminated early, such as Gambit. They are the reigning major champions, but found themselves getting knocked out in the Swiss stage. Astralis, the reigning ELEAGUE Major 2017, were also eliminated early. One of their star players, Nicolai “device” Reedtz had just returned from a prolonged illness. The Astralis squad should probably bounce back by the next event for sure.

Virtus Pro, Liquid, and Vega, all top teams, were eliminated in the early stages. Rostermania could be looming with these previously dominant squads, not showing up on the biggest of stages.

FaZe Clan vs Mousesports

We are in for a treat. This rematch of the ECS Season 4 Grand Finals, which was already exciting as it was, is coming in round 1 of the single elimination bracket. Everyone hopes this match will be exciting as the last event, and I predict FaZe will come out on top of this one.

QB Fire vs Na’Vi

The high-riding team for QB Fire will take on Na’Vi Friday morning, in which should be a very tough match for Na’Vi to win, considering the confidence of the QB Fire squad. Momentum and confidence isn’t always the key to winning though, and I expect this match to culminate in map 3, where Na’Vi will take the victory.

G2 ESports vs Cloud9

The second seeded G2 ESports roster will probably play just as they have been, and will take the quick 2-0 victory over Cloud 9. Cloud9 hasn’t been to great, going 3-2 in the Swiss stage, and barely got in the tournament with a victory over Vega.

SK Gaming vs Fnatic

This match will be the only quarter finals match played on Saturday morning, with semi finals later that day. I expect SK Gaming to take this  one in 2-0 fashion. Whoever does win this match will be at a disadvantage though, having to play right after in the semi finals, and not having any time to prepare for their next match.

How to Watch

The matches can be viewed at

Friday, January 26

FaZe vs Mousesports: 7AM PST/10AM EST

Na’Vi vs QB Fire: 9:30AM PST/12:30PM EST

G2 ESports vs Cloud9: 12:00PM PST/3:00PM EST

Saturday, January 27

SK Gaming vs Fnatic: 7:00AM PST/10:00AM EST

Semi-Final 1: 9:30AM PST/12:30PM EST

Semi-Final 2: 12:00PM PST/3:00PM EST

Sunday, January 28

Grand Final: 7:00AM PST/10AM EST


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