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DeMoN of Team Admiral Exposes Manager’s Threats

Former Team Admiral’s captain, Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho, talked about his former manager in his latest stream. DeMoN was Team Admiral’s captain from its creation until April this year. Team Admiral was a South East Asian team based in Philippines. The team was disbanded in May this year due to lack of success. DeMoN talks about his horrendous living conditions and threats from his team manager that made him want to get out from the team.


An Unlivable Condition

In the 6-minute video, DeMoN starts the talk about his latest run when one viewer talks about “One More Try.” He talks about his horrendous living condition when he was in the Philippines and threatened by his manager. DeMoN said his manager sent him a picture of him giving DeMon “The middle finger.” He later talks about Team Admiral’s latest run in ANGGAME. During the last game, DeMoN asked politely to his manager for a bottle of water because he felt dehydrated and he was on drafting phase. His manager then answered with sarcasm, “Sure boss, anything you want.” The next day, his manager texted DeMoN with threats and reminded DeMoN that he (The Manager) is the boss. DeMoN continued that his manager threatened DeMoN if he talks like that again, he (The Manager) will throw a chair at him.

DeMoN continued with how he felt after the message. He stated that the reasons he wasn’t retaliating was because he was the manager. DeMoN was living in his manager’s house and doing that will only bring the team down. He then praised his teammates, especially Gabbi, stating that he has a lot of potential and hope for his success after the shuffle. DeMoN finished the talks by stating that he gave up on what he believed in and the Philippines didn’t do him any favors either.

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