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Crazy Ryan Fitzpatrick Stat Makes Him Even More Legendary

It was announced on Monday evening that the Washington Football Team would be signing veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick to a one-year, $10M contract. Sorry Taylor Heinicke, but your short run as the team’s quarterback is a thing of the past, and the keys to last season’s NFC East winner get handed over to the Magic Man.

In all seriousness, there may not be a better player for Heinicke to sit behind and learn from, if Washington believes he could be their future starter. Dare I say his performance in the playoffs against the now-Super Bowl champs was…Ryan Fitzpatrick-like? He threw his body around with zero regards for his personal health and simply made plays happen.

Fitzpatrick has made a career of this type of play. The journeyman’s career peaks have made him one of the most lovable players in the league and earn legend status from nearly everyone. However, there’s another random stat that puts Fitz at another level.

Ryan Fitzpatrick washington contract
Credit: Mark LoMoglio/AP Photo

How Much Money Has Ryan Fitzpatrick Earned?

I cannot stress enough how the man who has the heart of a plummer and the brain of a Harvard man is an absolute legend. His big brain has also been put to use when in negotiations, clearly.

According to NFL Stats, Fitzpatrick has made $71.5 million during the course of his NFL career. This does not include his new contract with Washington. While this is no half-billion dollar contract like Patrick Mahomes, keep in mind that Fitzpatrick is a journeyman quarterback that continues to get benched.

Fitzpatrick has made 146 career starts in the NFL during his career. In other words, he has made roughly $496.7K per start in the league. Cam Newton made $1.75 million during his disaster of an NFL season last year. Fitzpatrick has made more than that in four games, on average.

The new Washington quarterback was signed to a $10 million deal. So, if the league passes 17 games and he starts them all, Fitzpatrick will make $588K per game next season, raising the legendary career average for a man that no team wants to commit to.

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