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Biggest NFL Fantasy Football Week 1 Disappointments From Sunday

Our long-awaited fantasy football Week 1 matchups have come and gone, as owners everywhere are feeling the jubilee or wrenching disappointment that comes with finally seeing their squad in action. While there were several surprising and expected players who stood out as “top fantasy performers,” there were just as many who left fantasy owners shaking their heads and thinking back to who they could have drafted in that spot instead.

It’s only Week 1, but every matchup counts when fighting for your spot in the 2022 fantasy football playoffs.

The following article looks at some of the biggest fantasy football disappointments from Week 1 of the NFL season across each position. This week’s notable fantasy disappointments include Derrick Henry, Alvin Kamara, Kyle Pitts, Darnell Mooney and Aaron Rodgers.

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Week 1 Fantasy Football Disappointments | QB

Joe Burrow Fantasy Stats

Stat Line: 33/53 passing, 338 yards, 2 PTD, 4 INT; 6 carries, 4 yards, 1 FUML
PPR Fantasy Points: 
22.2 (QB6)

I know what you’re thinking; “Joe Burrow? He was QB6 and scored over 22 points! He doesn’t belong on this list.” Sure, 22 points is an above-average day, but when you could have scored 32 and been a top-three QB on the week, it is nothing but a disappointment. When you throw the ball a whopping 53 times in a game, a turnover is bound to happen. However, five turnovers is just unacceptable and is worth enough points to potentially have cost many managers their matchups. All Burrow has to do is protect the ball and he is on a path to ending the season as a top-five fantasy football contributor.

Aaron Rodgers Fantasy Stats

Stat Line: 22/34 passing, 195 yards, 1 INT; 1 carries, -1 yards, 1 FUML
PPR Fantasy Points: 
4.7 (QB30)

Make it two years in a row Aaron Rodgers is absolutely atrocious in Week 1. Last year, the Packers were throttled by the Saints, resulting in a Jordan Love appearance in the fourth quarter and no touchdowns from Rodgers. This year, the Vikings handled the Packers early, resulting in a Jordan Love appearance in the fourth quarter and no touchdowns from Rodgers. He had a very atypical interception, but to be fair, threw a perfect ball to rookie Christian Watson, which was dropped. Completing that pass likely would have changed everything else that happened over the next 50 minutes.

As salt in the wound, Jordan Love finished as QB31, just one spot behind Rodgers despite playing just a handful of minutes and attempting only five passes.

alvin kamara fantasy football week 1 stats
Credit: Butch Dill/AP Photo

Week 1 Fantasy Football Disappointments | RBs

Alvin Kamara Fantasy Stats

Stat Line: 9 carries, 39 yards; 3 receptions, 7 yards
PPR Fantasy Points: 
7.6 (RB43)

In the middle of what ended up being a thrilling come-from-behind victory for his team was an Alvin Kamara fantasy football performance that was an incredible let-down. With a healthy Jameis Winston, the return of Michael Thomas, and the additions of Jarvis Landry and rookie Chris Olave, it was expected the Saints would be able to stretch the field and gain yards in massive chunks. All signs pointed to that being a positive thing for Kamara, who possesses elite ability in the passing game, and would benefit in his running game from the numerous vertical threats.

In a disappointing Week 1, nothing played out in his favor. Being afforded just single-digit carries will be a massive detriment to the Alvin Kamara fantasy value if it becomes a trend. As the RB7 taken in most drafts, he remains a must-start. However, he likely needs to find the end zone on a weekly basis to be worthy of his ADP.

Derrick Henry Fantasy Stats

Stat Line: 21 carries, 82 yards
PPR Fantasy Points: 
8.2 (RB37)

On a regular day for a regular running back, 82 yards is not a bad day’s work. As we all know, Derrick Henry is no regular RB, making his Week 1 efforts a let-down in most anyone’s eyes. The workload was there for Henry, who touched the ball 21 times. However, the results just fell short.

Had he been able to find the end zone like we are accustomed to seeing him do, he would have had an acceptable day, and the Titans likely would have won. He was not involved in the passing game, did not break 100 yards rushing and did not score. At least one of those boxes has to be checked with a player of this caliber. Derrick Henry fantasy football owners should not worry though, as he will be just fine moving forward.

Week 1 Fantasy Football Disappointments | WRs

Darnell Mooney Fantasy Stats

Stat Line: 1 reception, 8 yards
PPR Fantasy Points: 
1.8 (WR106)

Darnell Mooney had a strong back half of the 2021 season and seemed to be making a real connection with QB Justin Fields. Due to insane weather, no one on either side of this game had an outstanding fantasy performance, but Mooney was so ineffective it was baffling. He was drafted high enough that he was likely started by a large majority of owners playing in any league deeper than 10 teams. He ultimately laid a stinker and ate up a FLEX position to the tune of 1.8 points.

Only five players who caught a pass during all of Week 1 managed to score less, excluding MNF. He is worthy of a spot on your bench right now as a wait-and-see player.

Tee Higgins Fantasy Stats

Stat Line: 2 receptions, 27 yards
PPR Fantasy Points: 
4.7 (WR75)

Tee Higgins was an unsung hero of the Bengals’ offense last season. While playing with the record-setting Ja’marr Chase, he still found a way to record over 1,000 yards and six TDs on 74 catches. He scored the first TD in the Super Bowl and had another offseason to get even better.

The Bengals’ offensive unit as a whole had a disastrous Week 1, but by the end of the game, Burrow had thrown the ball 53 times. After leaving the game with a concussion, the Tee Higgins fantasy football performance fell flat, finishing with only two receptions. When he is able to return to the field, Tee Higgins fantasy owners should trust the WR they invested so much in.

Week 1 Fantasy Football Disappointments | TEs

Kyle Pitts Fantasy Stats

Stat Line: 2 receptions, 19 yards
PPR Fantasy Points: 
3.9 (TE31)

The Atlanta Falcons blew yet another monumental lead on Sunday, which should not surprise anyone. What is sort of surprising is that Atlanta looked pretty decent for a large part of that game. As the third tight end drafted in most fantasy football leagues, and the fourth overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, it would stand to reason that the Falcons’ success largely included Kyle Pitts. In Week 1, it did not, as Pitts was almost non-existent.

The departure of Matt Ryan could be a net positive for the team, but a personal negative for Pitts. Ryan used him as a security blanket of sorts, while the new Marcus Mariota-led offense features a more mobile QB, creating more options and less need for a bailout. If you are a Kyle Pitts fantasy owner, you must start him, but you likely will not love what you get from the second-year man who still has just one NFL touchdown.

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