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Best Fantasy Football Punishments For Your League’s Loser

At the beginning of the NFL season, every fantasy football owner’s goal is to win their league and hoist the fantasy football trophy, championship belt or champ chain. However, at this point in the season, goals switch, with many trying to avoid being the ultimate loser because it means you will be subject to one of the many fantasy football punishments.

If your league has not decided on a fantasy football league punishment, no worries. Below, we have organized the best fantasy football punishments that you can use for your league’s loser for the 2022 season!

best fantasy football punishments 2022

Best Fantasy Football Punishments 2022

Fantasy Football Loser Tattoos

This is the best fantasy football punishment, but you have to be really invested in your league and possibly not care about your body. We see punishment tattoos go viral every single season alongside the sports fans who tried to manifest a championship by tattooing it in the preseason.

You could do a temporary tattoo, but that feels like the loser is getting off too easy.

Taking the ACT/SAT

As someone who had to do this after losing a league, I can say with confidence that this is one of the best fantasy football punishments. This is especially true if you have been out of school for a while.

Imagine a bearded, hungover fantasy football loser walking into a high school classroom to sit at a small desk for hours and continuously getting reminded how dumb they are. That’s what this punishment is.

trophysmack fantasy football punishments awards
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Last Place Trophies | Fantasy Football Punishment Awards

Everyone is trying to win some hardware. Well, until now. TrophySmack, which is famous for striking a deal on SharkTank for the most customizable fantasy league awards, also has fantasy football punishments in the form of trophies, awards, tattoos, wearable toilet seats and more.

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Participate in NFL Combine Drills

This is another punishment for fantasy football that is great for content, if you’re looking to spread this misery online for others to see. Possibly have someone medically trained on hand (or don’t) while the fantasy football loser does the 40-yard dash, vertical and broad jump, cone drills and bench press.

Add some beer chugging into the mix to possibly add to the embarrassment.

24 Hours in a Restaurant Punishment For Fantasy Football

You may remember how this punishment for fantasy football went viral a couple of years ago when someone spent 24 hours in a Waffle House, which sounds like an absolute nightmare. You can read his misery here.

If you don’t have a Waffle House near you or you are semi-worried about your league’s user getting stabbed or contracting some new virus, you can choose any restaurant that is open 24 hours.

Best Fantasy Football League Awards

Now that you have read the best fantasy football punishments for this year, do you have an award in line for your league’s champion?

If not, go check out TrophySmack! At TrophySmack, you can get the best fantasy football awards in the industry, including customizable belts, trophies, rings and more.

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