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TrophySmack Cyber Monday Deals: Fantasy Football Trophy, Rings, Wall Art

Cyber Monday deals really pack a punch in 2022. Yes, Amazon has some incredible deals and it’s tough to beat Brett Favre Grinch sweaters from My Sports Shirt, but for fantasy football lovers, TrophySmack has the best deals on the market.

Some know TrophySmack for the deal they struck on Shark Tank. Others know TrophySmack because they have the best fantasy football awards in the entire industry, including trophies, rings, championship belts and more. Now, they are expanding to give sports fans incredible wall decor as well, and all of this can be found at a discount right now because of the Cyber Monday deals.

On top of that, if you click our link and use the TrophySmack promo code FLURRY, you will receive a free Stunna Ring or Bling Ring with a trophy purchase (a $59 value)! Below, we will show off some of the best Cyber Monday deals at TrophySmack!

TrophySmack Cyber Monday Deals – Promo Code FLURRY

trophysmack promo code fantasy football trophy
Get Your Fantasy Football Trophy!

Fantasy Football Trophy Deals

If you don’t get your league’s fantasy football trophy at TrophySmack, do you live under a rock? Whether it’s for fantasy football, fantasy basketball, youth sports, esports or something else, TrophySmack has the most customizable, high-quality trophies on the market.

There are endless design possibilities at TrophySmack. And to make this deal a little sweeter, you can use the TrophySmack promo code FLURRY to get a free Stunna Ring or Bling Ring when you get your fantasy football trophy.

CLICK HERE for Fantasy Football Trophy Deals!

Fantasy Football Rings

As stated above, you can get a free Stunna Ring or Bling Ring with the TrophySmack promo code FLURRY, which is a $59 value. However, you can also get a customized championship ring, just like the pros do!

CLICK HERE for Fantasy Football Ring Deals!

trophysmack fantasy football championship belt
Get Your Championship Belt!

Fantasy Football Championship Belts

Combine your fantasy league with professional wrestling and you get fantasy football championship belts! There is no better feeling than walking into next year’s draft with a belt on your shoulder, like a true champ.

While the belts look amazing as-is, you can also get these customized with just about anything you want!

CLICK HERE for Fantasy Football Championship Belt Deals!

Fantasy Football Champ Chains

Take your fantasy football bling to another level with a champ chain. If you really want to rub your victory in the faces of your friends, or possibly former friends, there may not be a better way than a five-pound, 33-inch, customizable turnover chain.

CLICK HERE for Fantasy Football Champ Chain Deals!

NEW Wall Plaques and Wall Art!

The newest addition to the TrophySmack products may be the best for Christmas gifts. Their new wall plaques are customizable metal wall art that can easily be switched out since it attaches to your wall with a magnet!

Put your pet on a Pokemon card-like plaque or create a special fantasy football MVP plaque for the best player on your championship squad! The possibilities are endless, and these are freakin’ awesome.

CLICK HERE for TrophySmack Wall Plaque Deals!

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