Author: Lane Gonick-Hallows

I'm Lane and I'm from Sonoma County, California. I play various sports such as Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball. Writing sports articles has always been a dream of mine and I can't wait to start writing here.


The Giants haven’t had the best season. It has actually been quite sad, a team who just three years ago won a World Series is now likely to have a top-3 draft pick. So that begs the question: What went wrong? Primarily, the Giants farm system is abysmal as they traded off most of their prospects. They did this to get solid players that could win a world series but didnt really think about the future of the team. This has led them to have many players nearing the end of the career with overpriced contracts. A prime example of…

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The Cardinals underwhelmed in the 2016-17 season. No one is denying that. However, fans should have much more hope for the 2017-18 season. The Cardinals offense is full of weapons as well as the defense added plenty of solid players in the draft and during the offseason. Offense: The Cardinals have one of the best running backs in the league. David Johnson is extremely talented in rushing as well as receiving. He had 80 catches for over 800 yards as well as over 1,200 rushing yards last season. I truly believe that he could get even better this year. They…

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Christian McCaffrey isn’t going to be Le’Veon Bell, David Johnson, or Ezekiel Elliott. He is, however, a very intriguing option for the flex position in PPR especially. Role In The Offense: He is likely to be a solid 3rd down option for the Panthers to pick up a few yards for a first down, at the beginning of the year. However, he is clearly the backup for Jonathan Stewart. He will also shine split out at WR. His Value In PPR: The real value in McCaffrey is in PPR. He will likely be good for 40-60 yards rushing every week as well…

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