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Christian McCaffrey Fantasy Preview

Credit: The Charlotte Observer

Christian McCaffrey isn’t going to be Le’Veon Bell, David Johnson, or Ezekiel Elliott. He is, however, a very intriguing option for the flex position in PPR especially.

Role In The Offense: He is likely to be a solid 3rd down option for the Panthers to pick up a few yards for a first down, at the beginning of the year. However, he is clearly the backup for Jonathan Stewart. He will also shine split out at WR.

His Value In PPR: The real value in McCaffrey is in PPR. He will likely be good for 40-60 yards rushing every week as well as in receiving. The extra point per reception will tremendously boost his value.

RB Comparison: Danny Woodhead is a very similar style player. They both are solid runners as well as receivers, and are backups who can still accumulate solid stats.

Where To Draft Him: Currently his ADP of 31 is too high for where he will be starting. If you can get him around the 5th or 6th round for PPR, he would be a steal. For standard, the 6th or 7th round would be a good time to draft him. In dynasty style leagues, anywhere in the mid to late first round is a solid choice.

Where To Start Him: If you’re in a PPR league with a flex, he is a solid option for that or even RB2. With dynasty leagues, he would be a good draft and stash for several years in the future.  He could also be a backup for injuries. In standard style leagues, he is a good backup and a solid start for if your starter gets injured, or if Jonathan Stewart gets injured.

Statistics Prediction: 565 Yards Rushing, 377 Receiving, 4 Rushing TDs, 3 Receiving TDs.

Conclusion: He is a great choice in any league if you can get him at the right time, and is a good backup.

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