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All Direct Invites Confirmed for The International 2018

All of the direct invites for The International are already confirmed while Supermajor is still ongoing. The last direct invitee is Vici Gaming J. Thunder, while OpTic Gaming failed to secure the spot. OpTic actually had a chance to get invited to The International 2018, but Virtus Pro had another plan for them, as they proved to be an obstacle that OpTic can’t handle. With OpTic Gaming eliminated from the tournament, VGJ.Thunder’s position in the ladder is set and became the last invitee to The International 2018.


The Best 8

The first team that secured their invitation is Virtus Pro. They already secured their invitation long before any other. They secured it during the Bucharest Major, which they won. The second team that secured the invitation was Team Liquid during EPICENTER XL, followed by Team Secret during GESC Thailand. The fourth team that secured the invitation was PSG.LGD, rising to the second spot when they won MDL Changsha Major.

The other four spots are contested in The Supermajor. Three of the spots were secured when Team Secret knocked down OpTic to the lower bracket. Mineski, Newbee, and Vici Gaming secured the fifth, sixth, and seventh spots respectively. The last spot needed to wait until the fight between OpTic Gaming and Team Secret. VGJ.Thunder in the end secured the spot, as OpTic Gaming couldn’t secure a point in the DPC ranking.

With all direct invites already determined, the only way for others to come to The International is from the qualifier that will start on 14th of June.

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