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Dance Dance Revolution Could be the Next Big Esport

dance dance revolution a

Konami has soured a lot of gamers with their treatment of some of their franchise and game developers. However, on the arcade front, they are still going strong. With games such as Pop’n Music, Beatmania IIDX and of course, Dance Dance Revolution, Konami will always stay faithful to the bright lights of the arcade.

Now, rhythm games and arcades may have fallen out of the mainstream in the West, but the scene is slowly coming back.  With the 2016 release of Dance Dance Revolution A, Konami appeared they were going to recommit to the Western market. Surprisingly, they did – and they did a bit more.

Konami also made it more competitive. DDR A cabinets had full access to their e-Amusement services, which allowed players from the West to upload their scores. Players are no longer bound to competing locally. Someone from Chicago can now forge a rivalry with a person in Osaka, Japan.

To top that off, Konami announced that the top-two DDR A players from North America would compete in their Konami Arcade Championship back in Japan – and that was huge.

Because for the first time ever, Westerners were allowed to compete in what was a secluded tournament. One of them was Chris Chike. You might know him from the NY Times’ profile piece on him years ago regarding his exploits on Guitar Hero. Chike wasted no time during the competition, and what do you know, he ended up being the DDR Champion.

With the opening of the Konami Arcade Championship to foreigners, it shows that there is an interest in not only playing DDR, but a market willing to watch people compete in DDR. If Konami plays their cards right, then DDR has a huge potential to establish itself in the Esport scene.


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  1. xopher

    April 6, 2018 at 10:13 PM

    It’s the common belief by most of the DDR community that DDR is dying a slow and inevitable death. With the release of Dance Rush and no announcement of an update to the game since DDR A two years ago, it seems Konami doesn’t have any interest in producing any new content for it.

    • Ghaleon

      April 7, 2018 at 10:42 AM

      I think it’s kind of unnecessary for a competitive gaming scene to need other people to watch you play for it to be a “thing” or have validation.

      I understand everyone who wants to play videogames and get paid for it, but the fighting-game scene for instance bent over backwards to promote bad content from Capcom since SF4, and creates fake drama (and real drama over pennies), and for what? Maybe 5 to 10 people in the world make a good living from the FGC, and the rest are selling their gamer soul trying to.

      I just unretired from DDR because AAing PSMO was the only thing I never did when I played obsessively and competitively, and I might as well try while I can still walk.

      The best thing about having 2 new Ace machines in Cleveland is everyone who used to play never really stepped, and everyone is just a normal-ass person. We’re playing and streaming just for fun and for our own benefit, and for the camaraderie.

      Treating anything like work inherently makes it less fun; everyone needs a hobby.

      When you treat every hobby like it’s your job … I mean we all need stress relievers and stuff we do just because we want to, or you’ll go crazy.

      So A: Why does it need to be an eSport, B: Watching people online step on arrows is pretty boring compared to spectating traditional videogames, and C: Konami of America I don’t think even exists anymore – DDR’s time in the national sun was 2000-2005.

    • xdank

      August 30, 2018 at 4:17 PM

      love u bro but it isn’t my opinion, the dark days of DDR X are long gone. konami’s put investment into this game, and is making new content for it (even if it’s,,, uhhhh, just Triple Counter 2 Electric Boogaloo). DDR A is barely starting to expand in the world, and the community is still there

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