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Zoe Must Get a Nerf

Zoe Still Strong Despite Receiving Patch Updates

Zoe has been a popular champion upon her release. Many players were playing her each game because of her skill set and the damage she put out. Just by landing her E ability, Sleepy Trouble Bubble, on an enemy champion almost always sealed their fate.

Many players complained about her E ability, stating the travel range was too far. Riot Games listened to the outcries of the community and have toned down the distance of her E ability can travel.

Despite having her E ability reworked, Zoe’s damage is still high with her ultimate + Q ability combo. Zoe is still able to delete champions as long as she lands her combo.

Zoe Deletes Ezreal in LCK Game

In an LCK game between Kongdoo Monster and Jin Air Greenwings, the mid laner for Jin Air Greenwings was able to delete the AD carry for Kongdoo Monster just by landing Zoe’s combo. What’s ridiculous about this was that the AD carry for Kongdoo Monster had full health and instantly died after getting hit by Zoe’s combo.

Riot Games Needs to Take Another Look at Zoe

Riot Games really needs to fix up Zoe’s damage because it really hasn’t changed since her release on the server. They had a good first step by fixing her E ability, and now their second step is altering her damage output. Once Riot Games does this, Zoe should be a better champion to play against.

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