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WWE RAW Results, Highlights and News From 8/1: Bayley, Dakota Kai, Io Sky put the Women’s Division on Notice

In case you missed the show, the following is the WWE Monday Night Raw results, highlights and headlines from the show on August 1st.

WWE RAW Results, highlights and headlines from last week’s show

WWE RAW Results, Highlights and News From 8/1: Bayley, Dakota Kai, Io Sky
Credit: WWE

WWE RAW Results

Becky Lynch announces shoulder injury in babyface promo, Bianca Belair thanks Lynch for the respect she gave her, then Lynch was attacked backstage by Bayley, Dakota Kai and Io Sky.

Promo package highlights the history of the United States Championship ahead of the number one contender matches tonight

AJ Styles def. Mustafa Ali & The Miz to advance to number one contender’s match

Bayley, Kai and Sky promise that the attack tonight and SummerSlam wasn’t about Belair or Lynch, it was about them

Seth Rollins says that Riddle finally got to be like Randy Orton, because now they’re both injured, then the Street Profits come to confront the man who injured their friend

Seth Rollins def. Montez Ford

Alexa Bliss vs. Asuka ends in no contest as Bayley, Kai, & Sky attack both women, Belair saves the day and challenges Sky to a match tonight

Tommaso Ciampa def. Dolph Ziggler & Chad Gable to advance to number one contender’s match

Edge returns, promises to end the Judgement Day

The Mysterios thank Edge for his help at SummerSlam, have sights set on tag team title tonight

Bayley says that WWE needs their role model back, and she took it upon herself to bring in two talents who have been overlooked for too long

Io Sky vs Bianca Belair ends in a no contest as Asuka, Alexa Bliss, Bayley and Dakota Kai swarm the ring to brawl

The Miz promises to help Ciampa capture US Gold, and Ciampa says that AJ Styles will pay for disgracing the business

Tommaso Ciampa def. AJ Styles to become number one contender for the United States Championship

Bobby Lashley states that he will continue to reign as the US Champion, and will beat Ciampa

The Usos def. The Mysterios to retain the Tag Team Championships

Judgement Day lays out the Mysterios, Edge brawls with Judgement Day and accidentally spears Dominik Mysterio to close the show

WWE RAW Highlights

Montez Ford

That’s right, the man’s his own damn highlight. The story between the Street Profits has felt heavy-handed, but if the end result is a push for both men, especially Ford, then it’ll be well worth it. Seth Rollins was a great counter to the young stud, and these two had unbelievable chemistry in the ring. It was positioned as a star-making performance for Ford, and it did the job. The Street Profits are now must-watch, as we see where their story goes from here, and Rollins continues a hot stretch in his feud with Riddle.

I wouldn’t mind at all if this mini-feud continues as we wait for Riddle to return, and don’t fall behind the Montez Ford hype train as it seems he’ll be leaving the station soon.

The US Championship Takes Center Stage

A promo package highlighting the history of the United States Championship, and three stellar matches suddenly have the US title scene feeling monumental. Not only is Tommaso Ciampa being pushed forward, but we saw a renewed focus on multiple overlooked mid-level stars like Chad Gable, Mustafa Ali, and especially AJ Styles.

They all got to shine in the ring, and now Bobby Lashley has a plethora of options to pursue for worthy challengers. It also needs to be restated how good these matches were, as the first triple threat and the match between AJ Styles and Ciampa especially were about as good as TV matches get. In a world where Roman Reigns might not be on WWE RAW much, the US title needs to be a big deal and that was achieved almost exclusively in one night.

The Women’s Division is Big Time

A sad start to RAW saw us close the book on Becky Lynch for now, as she recovers from a shoulder injury. But as one door closes, another opens up for the whole Women’s roster. We saw Bianca Belair properly heralded as the great champion she is and immediately got a challenge to her crown. Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Io Sky are a welcome breath of fresh air to WWE as a whole. They seem to be set on taking control of their own careers and taking the glory they should’ve had years ago (how does WWE come up with this stuff?). And in the process of making an impact, we’ve also managed to get some great in-ring action and much-needed direction for Alexa Bliss and Asuka as well.

WWE RAW now has a real chance to have the best Women’s division on the planet if it doesn’t already, and this is as good as any story in WWE has started for a while. I have one minor gripe I’ll mention below, but overall HHH has given the fans hope here with this new faction and what it means for RAW going forward.

WWE RAW Lowlights

Too Many No Contests

On a night when the booking should be applauded overall, there was only one obvious blemish. The big story of the show was Bayley’s faction and while setting them up as a force was accomplished by having them sabotage Bliss vs. Asuka earlier in the night, they went for one no contest too many for me. It seems like WWE could’ve told this same story by spacing it out one week without it seeming so redundant. The in ring action and motivations involved were great, it just stood out as the poorest story choice on a night of very good storytelling.

A Dead Crowd

I usually don’t like to harp on the crowd, but this should’ve felt like the show of the year in the arena and it didn’t. Every match, for the most part, was great in-ring, we had awesome stories play out, and it truly felt like the start of something new in WWE. But there was a lot of quiet during even the best matches tonight, and that was a shame. I really want WWE to be rewarded for having such good shows, so the crowd needs to improve along with the product hopefully. Let’s not ruin a good thing people.

WWE News

Roman Reigns retains WWE Universal Heavyweight Championship at SummerSlam despite Brock Lesnar upending the ring with a tractor.

Returns of Io Sky and Dakota Kai could be the first of many in Triple H era of WWE, with Naomi and Sasha Banks reportedly also returning to the company since new management took over. Bray Wyatt and Johnny Gargano also rumored to be considering returns.

Several AEW talent tell media that they would consider resigning with WWE under Triple H.

Ric Flair wins the controversial and hard-to-watch last match alongside son-in-law Adrade El Idolo against Jeff Jarett and Jay Lethal.

AEW announces Chris Jericho as the next challenger to champion Jon Moxley.

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