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WWE RAW Results, Highlights and Headlines From 7/11: Brock Lesnar is Back

In case you missed the show, the following is the WWE Monday Night Raw results, highlights and headlines from the show on July 11th.

WWE RAW Results, highlights and headlines from last week’s show

WWE RAW Results, Highlights and Headlines From 7/11: Brock Lesnar is Back
Credit: WWE

WWE RAW Results 7/11

Brock Lesnar threatens to slaughter Reigns at SummerSlam, Theory and Heyman come to interrupt before Lesnar lays out Alpha Academy to end the segment.

Judgement Day tries to recruit Dominik Mysterio.

Finn Balor def. Rey Mysterio.

Becky Lynch demands a Women’s Championship match at SummerSlam.

Carmella def. Bianca Belair via count-out thanks to Lynch.

Ciampa explains why he chose to side with the Miz, AJ Styles attacks the duo before he’s backed up by Ezekiel.

Ezekiel & AJ Styles vs. Miz & Ciampa ends in a no-contest after Ciampa keeps attacking Styles.

Alexa Bliss & Asuka def. Doudrop & Niki A.S.H..

Omos & The Usos def. The Street Profits & R- Truth.

Bobby Lashley & Riddle def. Seth Rollins & Theory, then Dolph Ziggler attacks Theory to close the show.

WWE RAW Highlights

Brock Brings the Crazy

There’s no way I can do Brock Lesnar’s segment justice. Did he romantically set his hat on a ring pole? Yes. Did he stare down the camera as he told us he slaughters pigs every day on his farm? Yes. Did Paul Heyman tell Brock that Roman Reigns would tear his heart out through his ass? Yes. But was it awesome? Yes.

It was so entertaining, as is most that Lesnar does, but in a very unhinged way. I’m starting to really like the involvement of Theory in this feud as a wrinkle, and overall this was a fun opening to the show that gave us chaos for 20 minutes. Seek it out if you can.

Becky and Bianca are Big Time

I just had to gush about how WWE has presented Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair lately. I know it’s easy to complain about Becky still being a heel, but honestly, I like it. She should be cocky, she should be sure of her abilities, and eventually, she’ll be a face again in the right feud. Her promo tonight was really good, making it seem like she’s finally ready to take her belt back. But, Belair is up to the challenge for sure. It’s not often WWE creates stars anymore, so applause in order for how much charisma and character they allow Belair to have, and I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of these two feuding.

Do I Care About Dolph Ziggler?

Weird as it may seem, Dolph Ziggler is relevant once again. Ziggler appeared on WWE RAW for the first time in months in the middle of the main event without Bobby Roode, wearing a suit, and seeming like he was there for a reason. And to our surprise, it seems to be as a babyface. Ziggler stopped Theory from cheating to win the match, then laid out Theory to end the show.

I have no idea what’s going on, but honestly, I’m just excited WWE is teasing a new storyline. Everything is revolving around Theory leading into SummerSlam, and Ziggler has just stirred the pot in a very interesting way. I admit that it’s completely bizarre currently, but I’m willing to wait on this one to see if it is worth our while moving forward.

WWE RAW Lowlights

Bad Finish For Bianca

While I spoke on some good parts from this segment above, a great match between Carmella and Bianca Belair was ruined by bad booking here. They seemed to be going out of their way to make this match seem close and epic only to have it end in a count-out. Why? Belair beat Carmella once already, and we really don’t need a third match only for her to win again. It also didn’t make sense for Becky because she gained nothing from it besides having to face Belair now. If this makes this into a triple threat for SummerSlam, then I’ll really hate this, but mostly it’s probably just a pointless way to make this more dramatic than it had to be.

The Wrong Loser

Omos being added to the match with the Usos and the Street Profits seemed like a ham-fisted way to get this feud a little more variety at first. Boy, I wish that was the plan. Not only were R-Truth and Omos added to this really good feud for no reason, but then Omos got the win. Not only the win, but a win over the Street Profits! He didn’t pin R-Truth, which would’ve been fine and whatever. No, he pins Angelo Dawkins, and we job out maybe the best feud on WWE TV right now just to give Omos another pointless win.

WWE is so set on Omos that it’s becoming a risk to the rest of their storylines, and they need to figure out a unique direction for him soon that at least allows others to succeed.

WWE Headlines

More allegations emerge against Vince McMahon, in string of recent scandals

Ilya Dragunov injured in NXT UK, forced to relinquish title for now

WWE removes Sasha Banks and Naomi from online rosters

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