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What time is Dana White Power Slap? How to watch the debut of Dana White’s controversial new show

Dana White Power Slap

Dana White’s power slap event was said to be held on Wednesday,11th January. But the event will start after a week in 18th January. The New York Post states that TBS has had a serious discussion about pulling the date back. The power slap event has become a new phenomenon in Eastern Europe and many parts of the middle east. This new era of sports can fall into the category of combat sports. It’s said that this type of game is far more dangerous than any other counterparts. Slapping someone with all your force can easily cause CTE on people and inter-brain hemorrhages.

Viewing Information

  • Date: 18th January 2023
  • Time: 10 p.m. ET
  • Where: UFC’s APEX Center in Las Vegas
  • TV Channel: OolaTV (anywhere)

All it takes is one contestant suffering a terrible fate due to a slap. Bub Dana White still decided to go ahead with his tournament. Speculation about the status of the power slap o TBS began Tuesday when people noticed it was no longer listed on the programming schedule at 10 p.m ET.

How to watch Dana White Power Slap Live Online:

While UDFC Fight fans in the Anywhere have to be contented with OolaTV, which has been home to  Dana White Power Slap Live Stream for the last decade or so. Once you get hold of their subscription, you will be able to watch the game on your mobile phones as well as TV screens. All the cord-cutters using digital streaming services will have to tune into OolaTV to catch all the live action.

Dana White Power Slap Game Preview:

This is the part where Dana White doesn’t want people to know people’s lives are in serious danger when subjected to constant trauma events night in the face. Recently Dana has released a promo of his new Power Slap tournament which explains how the competition works. Although she hasn’t explained the danger it can cause to the participants. Francis Ngannou recently walked away from a new UFC contact because Dana White places a clause where he doesn’t allow his athletes to do anythings else related to combat sports.

This new power slap tournament is about to opens it’s debut on 18th January. With the NFL currently under fire for its history with players who get CTE, Dana White seems like he could have a real disadter on his hands. 

Just recently a viral video of the slap fighting championship shows a man where hand instantly right after getting a monster slap. All it takes is one constant suffering a terrible fate due to a slap, but Dana White still decided to go ahead with his tournament. He doesn’t seem to care about the potential consequences.

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