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What Is Disc Golf? Frisbee Golf Explained Simply

Are you looking for an easy hobby that can provide a lifetime of fun at a relatively low cost? Does that sound unrealistic? Well, it’s not! 

Disc golf is the answer. Playing this sport is a great way to stay healthy, learn a new skill, and meet like-minded people who want to see you succeed and have fun. To begin, all you need is one piece of equipment—a disc golf disc! You can find these easily at your local disc golf retailer, or shop from a disc golf store online.

If you’ve ever thrown a Frisbee before, this is a great start. Disc golf discs are engineered to travel farther and faster, which means you’ll learn different throwing techniques and mechanics needed to make these discs fly! The most challenging thing for new players to learn is how to generate speed and spin, but it’s not impossible to master. The disc golf community online is a great place that is chock full of video tutorial links and forums where you can ask questions.

Are you worried about the cost? Discs are relatively inexpensive. As a beginner, you’ll probably need one or two. Discs can range from $10 to $25 depending on the quality of plastic, and some very affordable starter sets come in packs of 3. These contain a putter, a midrange, and a distance driver- basically, all you need! 

What Is Disc Golf? Frisbee Golf Explained Simply

Putters are discs that are most similar to a traditional Frisbee. They have rounded edges and fly at slower speeds, making them easier to handle. Midrange discs have a slightly sharper edge than putters and are used for shots that require more control and accuracy. These are versatile discs that can cover many bases when learning about disc golf. And drivers are the fastest class of disc golf discs that require a more advanced technique to throw correctly. 

When picking up a new sport, there can be a lot of game rules and new terminology to learn- but luckily for you, if you’ve heard of golf, you’re already familiar with how to play disc golf! If you’re nervous to begin, that’s totally normal! The rules are very similar, with a few noticeable differences: most obviously, you’ll use a disc golf disc instead of clubs.

The object of the game is to complete each hole with the fewest number of throws. Holes begin at a tee pad, where you’ll throw your disc to get to the target, a metal basket with chains designed to catch your disc. As you make your way down the fairway, you’ll throw from the spot where your last throw landed. 

There are typically obstacles on the course like trees, waterways, or rougher terrain like regular golf. Each hole will have a designated number of throws for scorekeeping, also known as par. (Tip: it’s easy to lose your discs, so be sure to write your name and phone number or email in sharpie when you first purchase them!) When you sink your disc in the metal basket, the hole is considered complete. 

Benefits to Playing Disc Golf

There are many benefits to playing disc golf: whether it’s to stay in shape, to become part of a new community, or simply to have fun, there are many reasons to pick up this sport. It’s also family and dog friendly, and you can play just about anywhere! There are about 7,000 disc golf courses and counting in the United States and over 10,000 worldwide, making it a great activity to do when you travel. But you don’t necessarily need to find a course to practice- an open field area or space is perfect to practice your throwing technique. 

Disc golf is enjoyable for all ages and abilities, making it a super approachable activity for many years. It can be a competitive sport for some or simply recreational. As you learn more about disc golf, you’ll find that there are tournaments, local mentors, and community games that happen frequently. 

The Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) is the governing body of disc golf and disc golf enthusiasts. They oversee amateur events and professional tours where full-time players compete for awards, titles, and cash prizes. They even offer divisions for disc golfers from under the age of 8 to over 80 at the annual disc golf World Championships! Proof that you can play for an entire lifetime. 

Every year, more and more players pick up disc golf, so don’t miss out on this fun sport! We’re hoping disc golf becomes an activity that you love and enjoy for years to come with patience and practice. 

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