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Ultimate Skin for Miss Fortune Revealed

Miss Fortune Skin
Credit: Riot Games

New skins are always an exciting time for League of Legends players, especially when it’s for their favorite champions. The recent new skins Riot Games have been releasing have been quite visually appealing.


New Ultimate Skin for Miss Fortune

A new ultimate skin has been announced for Miss Fortune. Anyone who is a huge Miss Fortune player can shout in joy as they witness her receive a new skin. The new ultimate skin for Miss Fortune will be Gun Goddess Miss Fortune (GGMF).

Players can get a first look at her new skin on the PBE server starting on March 6th, and for players who do not have access to the PBE server have to wait until March 22nd before trying it out.

What’s great about this new skin is the option to choose between four different exosuits while in-game. The base exosuit is Scarlet Fair. The other exosuits are called Zero Hour, Starswarm, and Royal Arms.

Players will be able to purchase the Base Gun Goddess for 2775 RP, and it will include all of Miss Fortune’s exosuits and several new icons dedicated to Miss Fortune’s new skin. Players who are looking to splurge a bit more can purchase the premium bundle for 3500 RP, which includes the Base Gun Goddess package along with a Portrait Icon, loading screen border, and a Gun Goddess Ward skin.

For more information about the skin, check it out here.

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