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Top Fantasy Football Best Ball Stacks for 2021 Season

When drafting a fantasy football best ball team, one of the most important strategies to utilize is stacking players from high-scoring offenses to capitalize when they have big weeks (see more fantasy football best ball strategies if you are new to the game). The basic idea for a team stack is to draft a QB and his top two receiving threats. Doing so essentially means you get double points for a receiving touchdown.

You are looking to draft players at or around their average draft position (ADP) without reaching too far so you are getting good value with your picks, ideally maximizing value and upside. Here are two of the top passing attacks stacks and a couple of budget stacks to target for your fantasy football best ball league, as well as their current ADP on Underdog.

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This data applies perfectly for fantasy football best ball leagues, as it shows the players who were top weekly performers most often, as well as the players who were steady week-to-week. Whether you’re trying to draft a nice balance or you’re wanting only boom or bust players on your roster, our data is essential to building your team!

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Fantasy Football Best Ball Stacks for 2021

Top Stacks — The Crème de la Crème

Kansas City Chiefs | Fantasy Football Best Ball

QB Patrick Mahomes ADP 36.1, WR Tyreek Hill ADP 8.9, TE Travis Kelce ADP 7.3

The Kansas City Chiefs stack is the the best available, but it will cost you and it will likely require a bit of luck to make happen. You will need to spend your first pick on Travis Kelce, who has an ADP of 7.3 on Underdog Fantasy currently, then come back with Tyreek Hill in the second round. Patrick Mahomes is currently going at 36.1, so if you are able to secure his top two targets, you may have to reach a little to ensure you can complete the stack with the best fantasy QB in the game. If you can draft this stack, this is a great foundation for your team, with the weekly upside each provides.

Dallas Cowboys | Fantasy Football Best Ball

QB Dak Prescott ADP 58.5, WR Amari Cooper ADP 33.1, WR CeeDee Lamb ADP 36.5

The Dallas Cowboys stack is another potent option that will not cost you as much early round capital, as both primary Cowboys WRs can be had in the 30s for ADP. Amari Cooper is currently going at 33.1 while CeeDee Lamb is going at 36.5, but these can flip flop on a draft by draft basis. Once you have both of the top WRs in this potent offense, you may have to reach a round and possibly two to ensure you can complete the stack with Dak Prescott, who is currently going 58.5.

It is worth mentioning with both of these top stacks that once you have both of the top receivers, you may have an opponent snipe the QB to block you getting the stack.

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Budget Stacks — For those that prefer to draft RBs early

Cincinnati Bengals | Fantasy Football Best Ball

QB Joe Burrow ADP 93.5, WR Ja’Marr Chase ADP 47.7, WR Tee Higgins ADP 59.2

The Cincinnati Bengals offense makes for a nice budget stack, if you are looking to draft RBs early in your draft, as you can get Ja’Marr Chase at ADP 47.7 and follow him up with Tee Higgins at 59.2. If you are unable to secure Higgins, you can also consider Tyler Boyd, who is currently going at 77.1 in Underdog Fantasy drafts. Once you are able to get Chase and either Boyd or Higgins, simply add Joe Burrow in the later rounds once the late QB run starts, and you have a stack that has the potential to put up some big numbers this season on the cheap. With this stack and the premium RBs that you were able to draft early, you should have a solid core to make a run at the top.

Philadelphia Eagles | Fantasy Football Best Ball

QB Jalen Hurts ADP 80.3, WR DeVonta Smith ADP 79.6, TE Dallas Goedert ADP 85.4

Consider the Philadelphia Eagles as the poor man’s version of the Chiefs QB/WR/TE stack above. Unlike the other stacks we have mentioned, this one may require you to take the QB first, depending on how your draft plays out. With the ADPs of Jalen Hurts at 80.3, DeVonta Smith at 79.6 and Dallas Goedert at 85.4 all being pretty close together, you will need to draft each in short succession. This stack is substantially more risky than the other options here, but does offer tremendous upside relative to draft position. With the talent that you acquired with your earlier picks, when this stack hits, you will be sitting on some big weeks.

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