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Tom Brady Odds For Next NFL Free Agency Team

Is it the end of the road for Tom Brady? The widely-accepted GOAT of the NFL fell to the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL Playoffs, which means Brady is now free to test the waters of NFL Free Agency. However, after retiring last offseason and signing a massive contract for FOX, could we have seen the final snap Tom Brady ever takes?

For the sake of this article, we will assume Brady returns to the NFL. Additionally, for the sake of any NFL betting picks you place on the following Tom Brady odds, his retiring will return your money to you.

Below, we will look at the Tom Brady odds for his next team via NFL Free Agency, as long as it is not the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. These NFL betting odds can be found at BetOnline Sportsbook. Claim thousands in deposit bonuses at BetOnline today!

Will Tom Brady Return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Tom Brady sweepstakes following his departure from the New England Patriots. The move immediately paid off, as the team won a Super Bowl. However, the Buccaneers have been on the decline since, resulting in a losing record and a first-round playoff exit this season.

Because of the way Tom Brady’s contract is set up, the Buccaneers will be paying him and have a cap hit for the next three seasons regardless of where Brady is. It appears he is interested in returning to the NFL, but will Tom Brady return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

All rumors point to Byron Leftwich being on the hot seat, and rightfully so. Clearly, if Brady wants him gone, Tampa will choose Brady over the offensive coordinator. Still, it does look like all signs point to Tom Brady testing the NFL Free Agency waters once again.

tom brady betting odds nfl free agency
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Tom Brady Odds For Next NFL Free Agency Team

The following Tom Brady odds for NFL Free Agency can be found at BetOnline Sportsbook, and they exclude the Bucs. Claim thousands in bonuses by signing up to bet today.

Tom Brady OddsNext NFL Team
Raiders (+300)Ravens (+900)
Jets (+350)Commanders (+1000)
Patriots (+500)Saints (+1000)
Dolphins (+600)Falcons (+1100)
49ers (+700)Titans (+1200)
Colts (+750)Texans (+2500)

Tom Brady Raiders Odds (+300)

It’s clear that a Tom Brady-Raiders marriage makes a lot of sense. Las Vegas is a great destination for newly-single men, and it is also a growing sports market that could be great to continue building brands.

In terms of football, the Raiders are a team with many talented offensive weapons, but the team is obviously looking for a new quarterback, with Derek Carr on the trade block. The connection with head coach Josh McDaniels is obvious, and it could make for a smooth transition that results in quick success in Vegas.

Tom Brady Jets Odds (+350)

These Tom Brady Jets odds are a bit surprising to see, since it feels unlikely that is the second-best destination for him. However, there is a strong case to be made.

Again, this is an offense with many great offensive weapons. They look to be a quarterback away, and with a vacancy at offensive coordinator, Brady could choose who he wants. A return to the AFC East would be familiar territory for Brady, and the New York market is clearly great for building brands as well.

Tom Brady Patriots Odds (+500)

If we are looking for the best story, a Tom Brady-Patriots reunion is that. Bill Belichick let Brady see what life is like outside of the New England organization, similar to Rumspringa for the Amish. Brady has decided to return to what he knows best, and with the Buffalo Bills improving greatly since his departure, the division provides him with new challenges that he did not have in the division in some time.

The Patriots have plenty of money to spend this offseason, and it’s possible they could trade Mac Jones to Tampa, as a cheap quarterback would help with their cap situation.

2023 NFL Free Agency Quarterback Rankings

Despite turning 46 years old before next season, it’s clear Tom Brady tops the 2023 NFL Free Agency quarterback rankings. Over half of the NFL will want to add Brady to their building.

Here are our 2023 NFL Free Agency QB rankings.

  1. Tom Brady
  2. Lamar Jackson
  3. Daniel Jones
  4. Geno Smith
  5. Jimmy Garoppolo
  6. Baker Mayfield
  7. Taylor Heinicke
  8. Mike White
  9. Sam Darnold
  10. Teddy Bridgewater

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