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Tom Brady is Dominating NFL Quarterbacks in 2017

Tom Brady
Credit: Getty Images

40 years of age is not supposed to be the prime of anyone’s career. Tom Brady believes otherwise and is proving to be an exception through three weeks of the 2017 NFL season. You might not believe me, but let’s take a closer look at some of the numbers and see where the results land.

Passing Yards

Through three weeks, Brady is leading the NFL with 1,092 passing yards. He already has 125 more yards than the man in second place, Aaron Rodgers, and 225 more than Drew Brees, who is in third. His passing yards total would put him on pace for 5,824 yards for the season. That yardage total would beat the NFL single season record that Peyton Manning set back in 2013 by 347 yards, if he can manage to keep up the pace. Many people already consider Tom Brady to be the GOAT. If he can break that record, he will get even more consideration.

Passing Touchdowns

He is currently leading the league in this category as well, with eight touchdowns. His closest counterparts are Matthew Stafford and Alex Smith, who are tied at seven. With eight touchdowns, Brady is currently on pace to get 43 touchdowns for the year, with no interceptions. Obviously, he is going to expect him to throw a pick somewhere, but Brady continues to be one of the very best at protecting the football.

Deep Passes

Lately, when you’ve been thinking about Tom Brady as a passer, you likely have thought of him dinking and dunking with Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola. Even though they have had a lot of injuries on the offense, Brady still has more deep completions than any quarterback so far in 2017. He has 20 completions of 20 yards or more, which is three more than Jared Goff. Also, he has five completions of 40 or more yards, and no one else has more than three. He’s not just taking what the defense is giving him, he’s going out there and taking what he wants.

Brady MVP Frontrunner?

While it is early to look ahead to who might win the MVP award at the prestigious NFL Honors ceremony, Brady is at least going to be on everyone’s short list of candidates. Other quick candidates would likely include Aaron Rodgers, but Brady is beating him in all statistical categories thus far. Next up at running back would be Kareem Hunt of the Chiefs, who has 401 rushing yards and 137 receiving yards. While Hunt is impressive, it would be a shock to see a rookie win NFL MVP. Plus, the Chiefs defense makes that team great. At receiver you have Antonio Brown, who leads the league in receptions and receiving yards, but he only has one touchdown. Defensively, there isn’t anyone that jumps off the page at you. If the vote were happening after Sunday’s games, Brady would be the MVP.

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