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QB Consistency Rankings


In fantasy football, we get fixated on total points at the end of the year. But MOST leagues are head to head on a weekly basis. That makes total points less important than consistent performance. We also want guys who can carry our team with a great week. The following QB consistency rankings aim to give you another tool for deciding between players in your fantasy draft. This is just one of many tools, so check out the rest of our Fantasy Football Draft Kit.

Rationale- The only thing that matters is the last two years worth of fantasy football data. Since injuries do happen during games that can skew weekly results, a full game at the QB position for my analysis is 40 snaps taken. Percentage rankings for top-20, top-12 and top-5 weeks will be presented along with a statistical rating.


Player Top-20%

Aaron Rodgers 100.0

Patrick Mahomes 100.0

Andrew Luck 93.3

Matt Ryan 90.6

Philip Rivers 87.5

DeShaun Watson 85.7

Tom Brady 85.7

Jimmy Garropolo 85.7

Kirk Cousins 81.3

Drew Brees 81.3

Blake Bortles 81.3

Tyrod Taylor 79.3

Matthew Stafford 78.1

Jameis Winston 76.9

Dak Prescott 76.7

Ben Roethlisberger 75.9

Russell Wilson 75.0

Marcus Mariota 73.3

Cam Newton 71.0

Player Top-12 %

Andrew Luck 86.7

DeShaun Watson 85.7

Aaron Rodgers 81.8

Tom Brady 60.7

Ben Roethlisberger 58.6

Jimmy Garropolo 57.1

Dak Prescott 56.7

Russell Wilson 56.3

Jameis Winston 53.8

Philip Rivers 50.0

Matthew Stafford 50.0

Alex Smith 48.3

Matt Ryan 46.9

Kirk Cousins 46.9

Drew Brees 46.9

Josh McCown 46.7

Andy Dalton 45.2

Carson Wentz 44.8

Cam Newton 41.9

Marcus Mariota 40.0


Player Top-5%

Russell Wilson 46.9

Aaron Rodgers 45.5

DeShaun Watson 42.9

Tom Brady 32.1

Kirk Cousins 28.1

Andrew Luck 26.7

Drew Brees 25.0

Carson Wentz 24.1

Jameis Winston 23.1

Cam Newton 22.6

Matthew Stafford 21.9

Case Keenum 20.8

Ben Roethlisberger 20.7

Dak Prescott 20.0

Josh McCown 20.0


FlurrySports Rating/ADP

Aaron Rodgers 80.0/28

DeShaun Watson 77.1/42

Andrew Luck 69.3/81

Russell Wilson 65.6/50

Tom Brady 60.7/49

Kirk Cousins 51.9/88

Ben Roethlisberger 51.0/99

Jameis Winston 50.8/162

Drew Brees 50.0/62

Dak Prescott 50.0/132

Matthew Stafford 48.8/94

Jimmy Garropolo 48.6/101

Matt Ryan 48.1/106

Carson Wentz 46.2/71

Philip Rivers 45.0/103

Cam Newton 44.5/60

Alex Smith 43.4/127

Blake Bortles 40.6/164

Tyrod Taylor 39.3/208

Marcus Mariota 38.7/129

Case Keenum 37.5/177

Sam Bradford 36.3/253

Andy Dalton 34.8/186

Derek Carr 32.4/134

Jared Goff 30.9/115

Joe Flacco 24.0/236

Eli Manning 23.9/166


What Have We Learned?

-Aaron Rodgers and DeShaun Watson deserve their top-2 billing in QB Average Draft Position (ADP)

-Andrew Luck is worth a bet because he is as great as the top-2, when he is healthy

-Fantasy Players are over paying for Cam Newton, Drew Brees and Carson Wentz

-Kirk Cousins and Big Ben are great values

-It’s worth taking a shot on Dak and Jimmy G

-Your eyes are not lying to you; Derek Carr, Andy Dalton, Joe Flacco and Eli Manning are bad bets

-The Fantasy Football Myth on QB is accurate. After the first couple of guys, you have to overpay for the rest of the QB pack.


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