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New Champion Update for Irelia Released

Irelia has been on the list to be the next champion to be reworked for League of Legends. Finally, Irelia will be reworked in the upcoming patches, with her skills taking a whole new look. The rework for Irelia plays off her blades, as she is known to be the Blade Dancer.


Reworked Irelia

Irelia’s rework changes her playstyle and allows her to target multiple enemies at once.

Her new passive, Ionian Fervor, allows her to generate stacks of it when she hits enemies with spells. Each stack of her passive will grant Irelia bonus magic damage to her basic attacks. Once max stacks are reached on her passive, she will also gain attack speed.

Irelia’s Q ability, Bladesurge, is exactly like her old Q ability.

Her new W ability, Defiant Dance, allows her to take less damage on the first cast, but on the second cast, Irelia will be able to deal damage in a line.

Her new E ability, Flawless Duet, sends a blade to a location and can then be recast to send another blade to a different location. Any enemy caught between the crossfire of the two blades will take damage and be momentarily stunned.

Her ultimate, Vanguard’s Edge, sends all of Irelia’s blades outward if it hits an enemy, creating a blade wall that damages enemies, slows them, and disarms them for a few seconds.

Playing as the new Irelia can be mechanically difficult as her abilities allow her to dash from enemy to enemy. However, if mastered, Irelia will be a terrifying champion to play against.

For more information about her new update, read about it here.

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