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NBA Top Shot Hustle and Show Pack Drop Time, Price and Details

On Sunday morning, NBA Top Shot announced the new “Hustle and Show” moment series, with the pack drop time scheduled for tomorrow, Monday May 3rd at 11 AM PDT. Let’s take a look at what the NBA Top Shot Hustle and Show packs consist of, as well as the pack drop time and price.

NBA Top Shot Hustle and Show Pack Drop Info and Time

Total Packs: 140,000 available for purchase
Price: $14
Moments Per Pack: 5 (1 x common Hustle and Show, 4 x common Base Set)
Pack Drop Time: Monday, May 3 at 11:00 AM PDT

NBA Top Shot Hustle and Show pack drop time price
Credit: Dapper Labs

What is the Hustle and Show Collection?

In this first drop of the Series 2 Hustle and Show set, we’ve carved out a little place in the spotlight for some particularly hard-earned Moments. Appreciate the hustle. (NBA Top Shot)

The Hustle and Show moments seek to highlight many of the hustle plays that are important for the game of basketball, but are rarely shared across social media as a “highlight.” If that doesn’t scream Marcus Smart, I don’t know what does. In fact, his steal from April 13th is one of the featured moments of this pack drop.

What is in the Hustle and Show NBA Top Shot Pack?

Across the 140,000 available packs, there will be eight common Hustle and Show moments, each numbered to 18,000. There will be a total of 260 Base Set moments are available in this NBA Top Shot pack drop. This includes 15 never-before-seen moments, 32 three-star rookie moments and 63 total Top Shot debut moments.

For the full list of moments in the NBA Top Shot Hustle and Show pack drop, you can click here.

Pack Drop Requirements

In order to be eligible for the Hustle and Show pack drop queue tomorrow, collectors must own at least two moments. This requirement is to incentivize true collection instead of those who sell off moments for a quick, small profit.

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