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Los Angeles Rams Have the Toughest Strength of Schedule in 2022

They say it’s harder to stay on top of that mountain than it is to get there. While nobody would say the Los Angeles Rams’ Super Bowl season was an easy one, the NFL strength of schedule 2022 suggests it will indeed be tough for the Rams to repeat their success.

Prior to the official 2022 NFL schedule release, the NFL has shared its strength of schedule rankings for the upcoming season. Of course, it appears this is based on the records from last season, so this is anything but scientific.

However, it is interesting to see the Rams on top. Unfortunately, this isn’t a list you’re proud to be on top of.

Los Angeles Rams Have the Toughest Strength of Schedule in 2022
Credit: Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Rams Have Toughest NFL Strength of Schedule

The Los Angeles Rams play in the NFC West. Of course, this is one of the toughest divisions in football. However, it did get a bit easier this offseason, with Russell Wilson traded to Denver. Still, games against the Cardinals and 49ers won’t be easy.

We also know the Rams’ non-divisional schedule is tough. They have games scheduled with the Packers and Bills, among others.

Currently, the Rams’ Super Bowl odds rank fourth overall, so clearly, sportsbooks expect the Rams to rise to the occasion and be among the best teams in the NFL this season.

Washington Commanders Have Easiest Strength of Schedule

Washington has a terrible owner, a terrible stadium, a questionable starting quarterback, their rookie eats nothing but dinosaur nuggets, and they’re expected to do nothing despite playing in a terrible division. However, they do have an easy NFL strength of schedule.

Obviously, they get to play the Cowboys, Giants and Eagles twice each. Washington also has games against the Bears, Lions and Browns. They should have a competitive record this season. We’ll see if they can mess it up.

Washington Commies

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