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J.J. Watt Chases Money and Chooses Arizona Cardinals

Wow. We at FlurrySports have continuously talked about how the majority of reports you have heard about J.J. Watt have been made up. This was reinforced on Monday afternoon, when Watt made his announcement that he will be choosing the Arizona Cardinals, a team that had not been brought up in any of the mainstream media BS.

The one report that many assumed to be true was that Watt would choose a team where he could win a Super Bowl. However, choosing the Cardinals confirms he was chasing another pay check, and who could blame him?

Watt certainly secured the bag. He accepted a two-year, $31 million contract from the Cardinals. It was reported that $23 million would be guaranteed.

J.J. Watt cardinals nfl free agency browns packers steelers titans
Credit: Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Why Did J.J. Watt Choose the Cardinals?

Why indeed. Does he hate his wife, or does he love money? Is Watt closer friends with DeAndre Hopkins than we think, or does he simply despise his roots, denying the chance to return home or play with his brothers?

Jokes aside, what the hell? The Cardinals overpaid for Watt, restricting any chance they have at building a complete, consistent defense. The secondary for Arizona will likely be bad, and playing in a division with Matthew Stafford, Russell Wilson and possibly a new San Francisco 49ers quarterback does not help.

Offensively, Kyler Murray is limited and the offensive line as a whole in front of him isn’t very good. While it would be hilarious to see the Cardinals pull off a Deshaun Watson trade and pair the three former Texans up, it appears they just handcuffed themselves to Watt, who is a terrific player, but is now grossly overpaid and cannot change a defense by himself.

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