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IceIceIce Banned From Twitch Because of Racial Slurs

Daryl “IceIceIce” Koh Peh Xiang has been banned from Twitch indefinitely due to use of racial terms for describing his hatred for his own name.

IceIceIce describe his name, Daryl, as a n***** name and he disliked the name that his father gave him. Twitch immediately banned IceIceIce’s channel once his stream ended after so many clips of him saying the word. Twitch also immediately deleted all clips related to that incident.

Mineski, acting as IceIceIce’s employer, also immediately took action to assess the controversy. On Mineski’s Facebook page, Mineski’s management posted that IceIceIce has been “reprimanded” for his actions, although it is unknown what kind of punishment will be given to him. Mineski also said that they don’t endorse nor support any form of discrimination to any race and/or religion.

Whether or not IceIceIce is able to stream on Twitch again is currently unknown, but nonetheless, racism shouldn’t be allowed in any kind of form on any platform.

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