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Dwyane Wade Buyout “Inevitable”

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There has been a lot of recent speculation about the Chicago Bulls buying out the rest of Dwyane Wade’s contract, and it makes sense.

The Chicago Bulls will owe Dwyane Wade $23.8 million this season, a figure that is  higher than what the Pelicans are giving Anthony Davis. Wade is reportedly asking for $20 million in a buyout of his contract. The upside to biting the bullet and buying Wade out is that it saves the Bulls the headache of having to deal with a veteran player who clearly doesn’t want to be on the team. According to one source, Wade hasn’t spoken to the Bulls front office since the Jimmy Butler trade on draft day. Keeping him around could spell bad news for a team that is clearly going to be in a rebuilding situation for years to come. It’s difficult to deal with a player, once considered to be a leader on the team, that has now become a bad influence in the locker room. Another reason to get rid of Wade is that it will allow younger players to try to make their mark in the league and earn a spot on the team for the future. Given that the buyout itself is inevitable, it is intriguing to think about the teams that Wade might find himself joining.

Personally, I could see Wade going to either the Cavaliers or the Rockets. Given that Wade is 35 and past his prime, he could still be a valuable asset to either team playing limited minutes. He could fit well with the Rockets as someone who comes in for either Chris Paul or James Harden. He is able to handle the ball on offense and create his own shot. For the Cavaliers, Wade would be most likely be happier than he would in Houston given his bro-ship with LeBron James. Again, Wade could be the leader of the second unit for the Cavaliers, as he has transformed his game well over the years adding an outside jump shot to his extensive repertoire of scoring options.

Where do YOU think Wade will play the majority of his games this season?


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