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David Bakhtiati Opened Up Millions in Packers Cap Space

The Green Bay Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst mentioned in his most recent press conference that the Packers will be making moves to compete now. He gave contradictory statements as well, but we know MVP Aaron Rodgers likely put in his demands to actually improve the team this offseason. However, looking at the Packers cap space, it looked like a tall task from the surface.

NFL contracts are a funny thing, however. There are areas you can manipulate to free up cap space and push money down the road. Most recently, highest-paid offensive tackle David Bakhtiari did just that for the Green and Gold. In fact, he opened up over $8 million.

david bakhtiari contract packers cap space
Credit: Bob Leverone/AP Photo

David Bakhtiari Contract Restructure

Not only is Bakhtiari protecting the MVP better than anyone ever could (when healthy), he’s certainly doing his part to protect the Packers’ Super Bowl chances for next season. While this move is by no means unique, it is a genius and interesting one.

The Packers front office recently took $11 million in roster bonuses that Bakhtiari is owned and spread them out over the length of his career. While the offensive lineman doesn’t lose a dime, the Packers lessen the hit for next season. This is the type of move that certainly shows the Packers are all in.

Packers Cap Space

The Packers entered the offseason needing to clear about $30 million just to get under the cap. This move by Bakhtiari frees $8.3M up immediately, but there is still plenty of work to be done.

Certainly, we will see other players restructure their contracts to free up more cap space for 2021. One would think there will be negotiations and tweaks with Rodgers’ contract as well, giving him a bit more security going forward.

Green Bay will be faced with tough decisions as well. Undoubtedly, the Packers will cut players to free up cap space. What move will be next?

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