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Can I Watch Britain’s Strongest Man 2023? Live Online, Schedule, Start Time and TV

2023 Britain's Strongest Man

It’s time for the 39th edition of the trendy and prestigious Britain’s Strongest Man event. For a sixth successive year in 2023, the event is set to take place at Sheffield Arena after taking home the previous four years at Doncaster Dome.

The Venue, Date, and Start Time:

  • Venue: Sheffield Arena
  • Date: Saturday, January 28, 2023
  • Start Time: 16:00 GMT
  • TV: Channel 5
  • Streams: OolaTV (anywhere)

Hulking participants will be attempting to carry a set of five giant weight-up steps, the smallest of which is 441lb (220 Kg), providing an idea of the strength of giants involved in the competition.

Scotsman Tom Stoltman, last year’s winner, won’t be participating because of the preparations for the Arnold Strongman Classic, set to take place in March. However, Paul Smith, UK’s Strongest Man, will be bidding for the glory.

How To watch Britain’s Strongest Man 2023 Live Online?

Fans worldwide can watch the Heart-pounding event live on Official after subscribing to a package. Following is the list of Subscription charges in different regions:

2023 Britain’s Strongest Man Streams Anywhere

2023 Britain’s Strongest Man In the United Kingdom:

  • £7.99 Monthly
  • £21.99 Quarterly
  • £79.99 Yearly

2023 Britain’s Strongest Man In Europe:

  • €8.99 Monthly
  • €24.99 Quarterly
  • €88.99 Yearly

2023 Britain’s Strongest Man Complete Lineup

The participants are judged on their ability to lift & carry heavy weights, overall fitness, and athleticism. Along with the above-mentioned traditional competitions, the event also includes other competitors like the truck pull, tyre flip, and medley events.

  • Terry H Hollands
  • Andy Black
  • Adam Bishop
  • Luke Richardson
  • Mark Felix
  • Louis Jack
  • Zake Muluzi
  • Gavin Bilton
  • Graham Hicks
  • Paul Smith
  • Ryan Bennett
  • Shane Flowers

Britain’s Strongest Man 2023 Events Details

The event includes several different categories, which are as follows:

  • Deadlift Ladder
  • Car Walk
  • Viking Press
  • Loading Race
  • Power Stairs

Deadlift Ladder:

This competition gives participants five weights to lift on a deadlift bar for 60 seconds between lifts.

Car Walk:

This competition is one of the most visually entertaining events in the contest. It relies on balance, leg power, and exceptional shoulder strength, as it makes the participants lug a vehicle of 450kg (992lb) over a 20-meter distance in 60 seconds by putting their heads through the sunroof of the car.

The Viking Press:

This competition might be familiar to most people, especially in the gym. In this event, participants use parallel or straight bars to raise a weight above their head from chest height to push the upper body to its maximum limit.

In this event, participants will be tested by pressing a weight of 150 kg as many times as they can in a given time.

Loading Race:

With participants having 60 seconds to carry an anchor, two barrels, and a tyre across a 12-meter distance, the Loading Race event is the test of speed and stamina.

Three lots of 120kg (265lb) are given to load onto a platform at the other end, racing against their opponents as they go.

2023 Britain’s Strongest Man Tickets:

Fans can buy the tickets from Official Britain’s Strongest Man website. Tickets are ranged from £30.50 to £191.91 before booking fees, while VIP packages range from £108.95 to £221.50.

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