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The Call of Duty National Circuit Teams Have Been Announced

Credit: @CODWorldLeague Twitter

COD National Circuit

The Call of Duty National circuit was announced a few weeks ago, and is going to be a way for amateur teams to earn pro points. They are competing in hopes of making it to the Call of Duty Championships later this summer. Eight regions for the pro circuit have been announced, and they include: United States, Canada, the UK and Ireland, France and Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, Spain and Portugal, Italy, and ANZ. There are also programs for Brazil and Mexico to be announced soon. Each member of the winning team for each region will earn 3,000 pro points.


  1. Giants Gaming
  2. Movistar Riders
  3. Team Heretics
  4. EMonkeyz Club
  5. X6tence
  6. G-Lab Addicts
  7. ECorp
  8. FEN1X ESports


  1. Lightning Pandaz
  2. Lethal Gaming
  3. Exomoon
  4. EZG ESports
  5. Neslo & Co. (No Org.)
  6. Gone Gaming
  7. Swarley and Co. (No Org.)
  8. Lispzeus and Co. (No Org.)

Australia/New Zealand

  1. Taboo
  2. SYF Gaming
  3. Tainted Minds
  4. Hopey and Co. (No Org.)
  5. Lakie and Co. (No Org.)
  6. Deleted Gaming
  7. Frontline
  8. F7

United States

  1. Complexity
  2. Next Threat
  3. GGEA Orange
  4. Ghost Gaming
  5. GGEA Blue
  6. Enigma 6
  7. Havok and Co. (No Org.)
  8. Spacely and Co. (No Org.)


  1. End Gaming
  2. Team Forge
  3. Team Pizza
  4. T3H ESports
  5. Bulldog ESports
  6. Team Forge Black
  7. Wartex and Co. (No Org.)
  8. Idomina ESports

United Kingdom

  1. Millenium
  2. SunnyB and Co. (No Org.)
  3. Excel
  4. Brash ESports
  5. Reedy and Co. (No Org.)
  6. Shane and Co. (No Org.)
  7. Frost Dragons
  8. Barrage


  1. Team Prismatic
  2. FC Lahti
  3. Pxnic and Co. (No Org.)
  4. Impact Reloaded
  5. Ersin and Co. (No Org.)
  6. DZ Resurge
  7. EHawks
  8. 2nd Wave


  1. Overtime
  2. Supremacy
  3. BC Brotherhood
  4. Team Reborn
  5. Game Fist
  6. Maxxie and Co. (No Org.)
  7. Timeless
  8. Monaco ESports

Stay tuned for more information on the national circuits.

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