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Breaking Down the AP College Football Top 25 Rankings for Week 8

First of all, down goes ‘Bama! Wow, what a wonderful moment for Vols football, and by extension, a wonderful day for America. Any day that Alabama loses, is a good day for the world. But, it was also a good day for many teams in the AP college football top 25 rankings as a result.

If you need to look at last week’s rankings, check them out here. They can be of great use as references as the season rolls along. Additionally, stay tuned, as this will be a weekly series for everyone to enjoy! Without further ado, I will be breaking down the AP College Football Top 25 Rankings for Week 8 below.

Breaking Down the AP College Football Top 25 Rankings

1. Georgia

Kirby Smart and company hold their spot atop the AP college football top 25 rankings. In hindsight, this ranking was a matter of “when,” not “if.” Although, should they have ever moved out of the top spot in the first place? They proved they shouldn’t have after a dominating victory over Vanderbilt.

2. Ohio State

The Buckeyes have anchored their spot at the second seed for a bit now. The much-needed and well-deserved bye week this week keeps them here. With Penn State losing and Michigan growing stronger, the Buckeyes will have some momentum to battle. Hopefully, the bye week doesn’t make them rusty.

3. Tennessee

Are they from Tennessee? Cause they’re the only ten, I see! Well, that pick-up line is expired now as they have shot up in the rankings. This move, of course, was made after they toppled the Crimson Tide in dramatic fashion off a game-winning field goal. Truly, it was one of the best games this season.

4. Michigan

The Big Blue trampled the Nittany Lions this past Saturday. The Michigan Wolverines bested the Nittany Lions at Beaver Stadium, as the home-field advantage was not in favor for the whited-out stadium. With Penn State beaten, Michigan is looking to contend with Ohio State for the Big Ten conference title.

5. Clemson

Clemson, oh Clemson. They survived against Florida State and now have to face the red-hot Syracuse Orange. A battle of the oranges, if you will. This narrow victory has the Tigers slipping a spot this week in the polls.

Breaking Down the AP College Football Top 25 Rankings for Week 8
Credit: Michael Woods/AP Photo

6. Alabama

Once again, when the Alabama Crimson Tide loses, America wins. Not that I have anything against Nick Saban and his team, it’s just always fun to see the traditional top dog lose to the underdog. However, you can bet your bottom dollar that Nick Saban has unleashed hell in the locker room and they won’t be losing two weeks in a row.

7. Ole Miss

Well, Ole Miss is looking like the old Ole Miss. The SEC is certainly getting its reputation for the best conference in college football, as the Rebels have thrived under Lane Kiffin this season. The Rebels are causing a rebellion in the SEC as they and the Tennessee Volunteers are wreaking havoc in their divisions.

8. TCU

Texas Christian University might say they are blessed to be here, but truthfully speaking they have proven they can hang on their own accord. Whatever prayers they’ve been praying have been answered. Their drought outside of the top ten has officially ended. The Horned Frogs are poised to win the Big 12, unless Oklahoma State has anything to say about that.


Lincoln Riley might be sprinkling his magic in the PAC-12 with USC, but Chip Kelly has been brewing his magic potion for the Bruins for a while now. Their success has been mounting for a while now, and now that it’s here it has made for some fun football in the PAC-12.

10. Oregon

It seems that the Ducks keep quacking it up. There isn’t anything silly about them waddling around, outside of an embarrassing loss to Georgia to start the season that is. Bo Nix has led the team to a 5-1 record so far, but that will change when they face UCLA next weekend. Whether it changes for the better or for the worse is up to them.

11. Oklahoma State

The Cowboys had a heartbreaking defeat to the Horned Frogs recently that caused a slip in the rankings. However, this is considered a “quality loss” that keeps them up here in the top half of the rankings, like Oregon and Alabama. The Big 12 has gotten really interesting this year.

12. USC

Well, we knew that Lincoln Riley had to lose eventually. However, nobody expected it would be to Utah. Maybe at the beginning of the year, but the Utes came into the matchup with two losses on the season. Still, they handed the Trojans their first addition to the loss column. Turns out the PAC-12 got interesting.

13. Wake Forest

Without using any expletives, this is insanely funny. I knew the Demon Deacons would climb the rankings, and yet each time they do, it’s always by one at a time. It’s been two weeks in a row now they’ve moved by one spot, so if they manage to make a bigger bump up the polls, I’ll celebrate for the audience’s enjoyment. Go Demon Deacons!

14. Syracuse

Ironically, the Demon Deacons climbed the rankings to a higher spot than the Orange. But, the Syracuse Orange don’t have a loss to their name yet. I’d be comfortable switching their spot with Wake Forest in the rankings. However, it isn’t up to me, it’s up to the vengeful eyes of the Associated Press.

Kyle Whittingham utah college football rankings
Credit: Russ Isabella/USA TODAY Sports

15. Utah

Currently, the Utes are the highest-ranked team with two losses this season. Despite having more losses than any other top-15 team, they just handed the USC Trojans their first defeat in dramatic fashion. Coming into the season, the Utes were heavily favored to contend in the PAC-12, but the Bruins, Ducks, and Trojans have added some contention to that narrative.

16. Penn State

Call the coast guard, cause the Nittany Lions have fallen out of the top 15. James Franklin and company are swallowing their pride after falling to the Wolverines. Michigan dominated the Nittany Lions at Beaver Stadium in a statement game for the Big 10 rankings. Tough loss for them, but let’s see how they rebound.

17. Kansas State

The Big 12’s resident Wildcats got a rest this past weekend. They are slated to take on the Oklahoma State Cowboys next on their own home turf. This will be a fun and critical matchup for their conference standings. Hopefully, home-field advantage will favor the Wildcats.

18. Illinois

Wave the blue and orange flags, as the Fighting Illini have clawed their way atop the Big 10 West. Yes, you read that correctly. The Fighting Illini have bested Minnesota and Iowa already and will soon face Purdue. If they complete the trifecta, then the Big Ten West is truly theirs.

19. Kentucky

The SEC’s Wildcats managed to right the ship against Mike Leach’s Mississippi State Bulldogs. Pour some more mayonnaise in Will Levis’ coffee, as they knocked the Bulldogs back down the ranking ladder. A much-needed victory, let’s see how many more they can muster up for the rest of the year.

20. Texas

Great, now that Texas won last weekend, we have to listen to their annoying fanbase gloat about it. The Longhorns escaped with a victory against Iowa State. I love to break it to fans, but the Longhorns are not, in fact, back. Trust me, they got a long way to go before critics give them back their status of yesteryear.

21. Cincinnati

Despite residing in one of the most boring cities in the United States, the Bearcats have had an exciting season. They had a bye week this past weekend, but are poised to take on the SMU Mustangs next week. Let’s hope the rest they received doesn’t make them rusty.

22. North Carolina

In a surprisingly close game, the Tar Heels managed to defeat the Blue Devils of Duke University. In addition to having some of the most unique uniforms in college football, they have had an interesting season this year. The rest of their season entails conference foes, so let’s see how they fare against their cohorts.

23. North Carolina State

Uh oh, there’s a competition for the best college team in North Carolina afoot. Currently, that title is going to the Tar Heels, but the Wolfpack can take it if they want it. They might have lost to Syracuse, but next week’s game against Virginia Tech can right their most recent wrong.

24. Mississippi State

Alright, the Bulldogs may have lost, but Mike Leach still can’t do anything wrong to me. America’s treasure fell to Kentucky in a close contest, but have a chance to make history next weekend, taking on Alabama. Alabama has rarely lost two weeks in a row, but if there’s anyone who can make history, it’s Mike Leach.

25. Tulane

The AAC now has two teams in the college football top 25 rankings as the Tulane Green Wave have slid up to the final spot in the AP rankings. Somehow, we’re here. Somehow, the best football team in Louisiana is the Green Wave. I know, it’s been a wild season so far. But hey, congrats to the Green Wave and shame on LSU I guess.

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