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Best Super Bowl DFS Monkey Knife Fight Picks

Unfortunately for those of you who love to play NFL DFS, this is your last opportunity until next preseason. Fortunately, there is no bigger game and no shortage of contests over at Monkey Knife Fight. There is a lot of cash to be made playing Super Bowl DFS on Sunday.

MKF brings Super Bowl DFS to an entirely new level. Read on for an overview of the platform and some of my favorite Monkey Knife Fight picks for Super Bowl LV.

Monkey Knife Fight Overview

Monkey Knife Fight is a DFS site that is very different from other sites like DraftKings or FanDuel. Contests on MKF feature props with different multipliers depending on your contest. Unlike those previously mentioned sites, you are only competing with yourself when making picks. It’s all up to you.

Do you want to go for gold and try to nail one of MKF’s 20x multipliers, or are you more interested in safer contests to pad your stats and wallet? MKF is extremely user-friendly whether or not you have any experience with props.

Use promo code PLAYOFFS100 at Monkey Knife Fight during the NFL Playoffs to get a 100% deposit match! Double your money before even entering a contest!

Monkey Knife Fight is the fastest-growing DFS platform. Play all kinds of prop contests for the NFL Playoffs, including these Super Bowl DFS contests.

Super Bowl DFS monkey knife fight
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Best Super Bowl DFS Monkey Knife Fight Props

Personally, I’m a pretty big fan of parlays. What’s not to love about putting just a little down with the potential for a huge payday? However, for the props put up by MKF, I’m sticking more with the lower multipliers. They may not be as fun to hit as a lengthy parlay, but I have a lot more confidence in most of these picks than I usually do in basic lower-tiered bets.

Quarterback “More or Less” Contest for 3.5x Payout

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a legitimate run defense. The Kansas City Chiefs are going to find it hard to run the rock. In addition, it’s unlikely the Chiefs jump out to a massive lead and can coast behind the run game. All of this spells the passing game being the only thing they can run effectively. Patrick Mahomes had 462 passing yards the last time these teams met, so getting just 334 to make sure the bet hits seems pretty safe if you ask me.

Tom Brady was behind big practically all of Week 12 in their 27-24 loss to Kansas City. Even then, he only threw for 345 yards. The running game was effective against the Chiefs, however, they were never in a position to be able to utilize it. With this game being closer from the jump, the run game will be much more of a factor. Brady won’t be throwing for 200 yards or anything, but 304 is a lot to ask.

RB/WR “More or Less” Contest for 3.5x Payout

I’m sure you didn’t forget, and I’ve certainly already talked about it a few times, but the Chiefs dominated the start of their previous game against Tampa. A big reason for that was Tyreek Hill. His 269 receiving yards on 13 receptions was one of the most impressive performances by a receiver ever. Seven of those catches and 203 of those yards were in just the first quarter. The only reason he was even somewhat contained afterwards was because they needed to waste clock. If you give up over 200 receiving yards in a quarter to anybody, there is no amount of scouting/planning that can make you slow him down the second time around.

Leonard Fournette averages just over 70 yards per game in the playoffs through three games. The only problem? They’re dropping by the game. He had 93 against Washington, 63 against New Orleans and just 55 against Green Bay. Seeing how bad the Packers run defense is, that’s pretty scary for this over to hit. That’s not even taking into account that in the Green Bay game, they were looking to milk the clock more than usual with their big lead. When they don’t have that big lead against Kansas City, he’ll get even less run.

Fantasy Points “Rapidfire” for 3x Payout

There are multiple ways the Buccaneers can realistically win this game. Their defense, running game, passing game or a good mixture of the three could deliver Brady another ring. For the Chiefs, however, they need Patrick Mahomes. Their running game has not been good, and they need a golden performance from Mahomes to stand a chance. I think this will be a close game and/or a Chiefs win. For that to happen, Mahomes needs to be great. As in so many Super Bowls prior, Brady likely won’t have to be great to win. Just look at his performance last week against Green Bay.

Travis Kelce had a solid game against the Buccaneers Week 12. It’s no surprise seeing few noticed and/or cared due to how amazing Tyreek Hill was. As previously mentioned, when a guy burns you as bad as Hill burned Tampa in just the first quarter, there’s no way to plan to beat that. The problem runs deeper. Sure, the defense will key in more on Tyreek, but with those 2.5 bonus fantasy points, Hill can be slightly “worse” than Kelce and still win the bet.

I outlined the three best Super Bowl DFS contests, in my opinion, that can make you some money on Monkey Knife Fight. I am not kidding when I tell you that there are literally dozens of different contests that they offer you over at MKF. Who knows, maybe you want to dip your toes in a little deeper or you believe you know more than me.

Either way, make sure you get the most out of this game as you can, because unfortunately, NFL won’t be around again for a while. Get your fix in now, and use PLAYOFFS100 when depositing to get a 100% deposit match!

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