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Andre Johnson Supports a Deshaun Watson Trade

The drama surrounding a possible Deshaun Watson trade has taken over the NFL media over the past couple days. Everyone has chipped in their opinions about Watson should do and where he could be traded. Recently, former Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson sounded off on Twitter, supporting Watson standing his ground.

Andre Johnson deshaun watson trade
Credit: Eric Sauseda/Groovehouse Photography

Andre Johnson Supports Deshaun Watson Trade

Johnson tweeted out that Watson should stand his ground, since the Texans organization is known for wasting careers. When looking at the five All-Pro selections he won with Houston and the three Defensive Player of the Year awards JJ Watt has won, it is tough to argue against this point.

Watson has voiced his frustration about the head coach selection process. This is not the first time the organization has gone behind his back. Most recently, the DeAndre Hopkins trade was an unwanted surprise.

In hopes of keeping Watson content, the Texans will finally interview Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, who is Watson’s coach of choice. If he is not hired, we could see the Texans quarterback force a trade.

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DeAndre Hopkins Chimes In

Hopkins, who is obviously closer to Watson himself and the overall situation right now, chimed in when he quote tweeted Johnson.

Could we see Watson force a trade out of Houston in the same offseason they cut Watt to save $17 million? This could be a very different looking Texans team in 2021.

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