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3 Possible Deshaun Watson Trade Destinations

The Houston Texans have been a dumpster fire, orchestrated and ignited by former head coach and general manager Bill O’Brien. With limited assets to rebuild the team quickly, one of the few things Houston had going for it was franchise quarterback Deshaun Watson.

However, there have been rumors that Watson could be requesting a trade. So, along with the likely release of J.J. Watt, where are the possible Deshaun Watson trade destinations?

Deshaun Watson Contract

Watson just signed a four-year, $156 million extension with the Texans organization back in September. This would make him an appealing trade target, as Watson has proven to be among the most talented quarterbacks in the league, and he is locked down for quite awhile.

As his contract currently stands, Watson would be nearly a $16 million cap hit next season. This ranks 63rd in the NFL, behind the likes of Taysom Hill, Alshon Jeffery and Alex Smith. Clearly, this is a team-friendly contract for 2021.

deshaun watson trade
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Deshaun Watson Trade Destinations

New England Patriots

Let’s start with the obvious. The Cam Newton experiment in New England was a disaster, and it’s clear they do not view Jarrett Stidham as their future. This means big Bill Belichick and the Patriots have among the most cap space, while also having a glaring need at quarterback.

Belichick also is fond of bringing in players that performed well against him. Over his last two meetings with New England, Watson completed over 74% of his passes for 578 yards, five passing touchdowns, one rushing touchdown, one receiving touchdown and no turnovers.

New York Jets

The Texans need draft picks, and the New York Jets have them. The Jets are owners of the No. 2 overall pick, meaning they failed in their “Tank for Trevor” campaign. With no obvious No. 2 quarterback available there, it would be a wise decision to trade from that spot regardless, but trading for an established stud would be even better.

The Jets are currently owners of the following early picks: No. 2, 27, 34, 66, 91, 98.

San Francisco 49ers

While the San Francisco 49ers still have Jimmy Garoppolo under contract for two more years, Kyle Shanahan seemed more than okay pursuing Tom Brady last offseason. They can also release Jimmy G for cheap ($4.4M). With a first, second and two third-round picks in their possession, along with a deep team of talent, there is an easy avenue to trading Watson to San Francisco. Could you imagine Watson in Shanahan’s system?

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