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Add/Drop for Week 6

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Man, this NFL season. If you have managed to go undefeated in your league to this point, props to you. Luck is certainly on your side. Not Andrew Luck, of course, but real luck. The luck that is nice to have. The kind that benefits you and doesn’t let you down. I mean, if luck let you down, that would be bad luck. Andrew Luck, if you will. Did I draft Andrew Luck thinking he’d miss only a couple weeks? Strange you ask, but maybe…I’m not bitter.

I’m actually not too terribly bitter since I grabbed Deshaun Watson. He has been one of the best pickups of the fantasy season so far, but never know, there could be one this week that tops it. With all of these injuries, we certainly need to find some value on waivers. We also need to account for the Bills, Bengals, Seahawks, and Cowboys players on bye this week.

Let’s jump right into it and see if we can find some gems to win you the championship! I will be giving you some suggestions of players you should add or drop, with each player’s ownership in ESPN leagues.

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