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5 Quarterbacks Projected to Earn Big Paydays in 2018

Credit: Dan Powers/USA TODAY Sports

To say that quarterbacks are well-paid in the NFL is an understatement. In fact, NFL quarterbacks make up the entirety of the top ten highest paid players. Here are the current ten highest paid players by average annual salary:

10.) Philip Rivers – $20.81 million

9.) Eli Manning – $21.0 million

8.) Ben Roethlisberger – $21.85 million

7.) Russell Wilson – $21.9 million

6.) Aaron Rodgers – $22.0 million

5.) Joe Flacco – $22.1 million

4.) Andrew Luck – $24.6 million

3.) Derek Carr – $25.0 million

2.) Matthew Stafford – $27.0 million

1.) Jimmy Garoppolo – $27.5 million

It should come as no shock that all ten players are quarterbacks. Having an elite-level talent at the position can be the difference between winning and losing for a franchise. Just ask the Cleveland Browns. What may be a surprise is that there is only one Super Bowl win (as a starter) within the top five. Derek Carr and Matthew Stafford each became the new gold standard after stellar 2016 seasons. Jimmy Garoppolo won every start he made for San Francisco this season, and the 49ers more than repaid the favor by making him the league’s highest paid player.

This year, there are at least five quarterbacks who are either unrestricted free agents or who are long overdue for a lucrative contract extension. Their respective résumés speak for themselves, and it is more than likely that Jimmy Garoppolo will not be the league’s highest paid player going into the 2018 regular season.

All contract information and market value calculations provided by Spotrac

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